Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shade 1.13 - On a Side Note

I just wanted to do a short catch up on everything that has happened outside the family estate before we move on with our little heiress.

First I did some family trees because I actually thought to do it. No other reason really.

Upon returning to college, we find Blue trying to deal with his new status as a werewolf. Can you say breakdown?
Yes, yes. Catatonic. To much grape nectar no doubt. But I fix it. Stare unto my eyes and I will fix you.
After Blue was cured, the five Shade kids moved out of the dorm and started their own greek house. Not sure why I did that but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It took Blue a while to get over his shock at being turned by his dad. But he did eventually get over it. That happened about the time he and Maggie got serious.

And this would be Maggie. Maggie Rocker is a downtownie. Blue met her while he was in college and he was just smitten. She was the girl for him and he refused to hear any different from me.
There weren't many pictures from college. I did the whole thing in one evening. The college clock was greatly used because I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it. I did no unnecessary skilling. It was the total opposite from my prosperity neighborhood. Those kids come out with badges, plaques and maxed skills. These kids just graduated. All five. Yeah.

Once back on Fruitandale Island, Burgundy Shade went 90k in debt to buy a house that came with M&G. She started dating her count. Unfortunately one night the Count got a bit peckish and did a little nibbling on Burgundy.

Now she's an evil vampire witch. It fits her I know.

But then William showed up one night to check up on his little girl. Unfortunately the Count was peckish again and William got bitten.

I really didn't mean for this to happen. William should learn not to walk into other people's lots. Poor William. He's been through it all now. Made a witch, plantsim, werewolf, vampire and abducted by aliens. What else is there? Burgundy went upstairs and up a batch of vampire cure. She gave it to William and sent him on his way. First thing I've got to do when I get back to the main lot is cure him. I don't need any elder vampires on the legacy lot.
Not much else happened with Burgundy. She's still dating the count. She's earning cash and trying to pay off her debt. But since she's not aging I didn't rush her into marriage or kids or anything. When she gets debt free, all bets are off.

After college, Blue Shade went 60k in debt to buy a maxis made house. His first guess was the crazy cow girl who harassed everyone during college. Blue's house is being ran as an ISBI household. I CAN keep from controlling all my sims. I know I can. Maybe.

Blue invited over Maggie and she moved in. Remember that Blue is a family sim and it turns out that Maggie Rocker is a knowledge sim.

Blue proposed. That townie guy kept staring the whole time. Freak.

Blue and Maggie were quickly married. This is Maggie's 'I'm on the verge of tears' look.

Since Maggie was a knowledge sim, I convinced Blue to share the love and turn her into a werewolf. Not sure why but Maggie doesn't show any fur when she changes. Because of the custom skin I suppose.

For the first time I have a sim with a terrible reputation. When Blue is gone she picks fights with whoever was left on the lot. She already has one enemy. My question is, can she turn someone into a werewolf by winning a fight against them while she's a werewolf? Guess we'll find out.

Blue quickly knocked up Maggie and she soon gave birth to their first child. It was a boy named Christof.

Isn't he a cutie. He's got his mom's eyes & his dad's custom skin.

Blue threw a birthday party for Christof to try to get the whole family together. Unfortunately the kids still in the sim bin didn't show. Bummer.

Christof become a toddler. Now my fun truly begins. I've always had problems just letting the toddlers run amuck.

Due to ACR, Maggie was soon pregnant again. She gave birth to natural twin sons. Her first son was named Carvel Shade.

The second son was named Casimir. All three boys have their mom's eyes.
Well that's all really. I didn't take many pictures but I thought I'd throw them in while I was updating.
Next time, we'll work Bronze up to adulthood and see about getting on with things. Maybe we can eventually get to generation three.


Anonymous said...

Okay finished reading! This has been really fun. Maggie is sorta horrendous with the lack of nose, but her eyes are great.

jamielee said...

I have been really loving this legacy. the sims are looking really good. i can't wait to see what else happens. ps love christof green skin with the blue? purple?eyes can't wait until he grows up.

ruby said...

What? wait wait .. wait .. in the family tree photos... is Blue a .. a ... a vamire? *boggles*

Ack Poor William! *snickers* that poor guy has been put through so much
o.O wow.. erm Blue... you have a .. an interesting looking erm.. wife..
I do like her violet eyes tho, very pretty
Looks like Casimir has Aqua's skin tone.

aquatami said...

Actually Blue is only a warlock werewolf. They just have a similar pic. Maggie is only a werewolf. Burgundy is a vampire witch. Brown, Black, Bisque & Bronze are only witches/warlocks. Brick and Brass are only Plant Sims.

Yeah I think that's it. With the vamp unlocks and with me having taken out the hack that prevents random vamp bitting, I'm almost afraid to take anyone downtown. It could be a blood bath.