Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shade 1.12 - Off to College

We're back. It' must be spring because Aqua is starting a garden.

Fresh grown goodies for everyone this fall.

But wait. It's birthday time again as William's alien twins daughters become teenagers.

First up is Bisque and as you can see she's yet another romancer.

I want lots of lovers in my life. Lots and lots and lots of yummy men for me.

Then it's Burgundy's turn and she wants a life of pleasure.
Can you picture me any other way?
No. Not really. You have always been a pleasure sim deep down.
Here is Bisque after her make over.

And we can't forget Burgundy. I can't believe you are wearing a pink shirt Burgundy. I always pictured you in black.

Look this is what I rolled into ok. I'll get my black outfit someday. Don't you worry.

Magus Mutatio!
And the twins become good witches too.

It's easy dear. Just put in a pinch of that blue powder.
Blue powder. Got it mom.
Bronze, that isn't blue.
Sure it is. Mom, does two or three shakes make a pinch?

You went overboard again. You said we would downsize this year. Does this look like downsize?
Well....I just wanted to have a little bit of everything. But don't worry. I won't let you get plantsimmed again. And if an accident happens Aqua has already made up some extra plantsim cure just in case.

Burnt lobster?
My wolf prefers it that way.

You have lived half of your teen years Brown so it's time for college I guess.
Yes. I'm ready. And with my diploma I should be able to earn tons of cash.

Well bye Brown. We'll see ya around.

A present? For me?
Yes dear. All of my old regents and a few things I made up for you. You'll need them.

Black's form sure has improved since childhood. He's starting to truly look like a spy.

Why? Why do they insist on trying to make me good. I'm not good. I don't want to be good. I want to be BAD! BAD! Ma wa ha ha ha. I WILL BE BAD! They can't stop me.

William. You've gone grey.
Yeah. I'm getting older. It's all these kids. They've taken all the color right out of my hair.
That sounds like my dad. He blames me for his grey hair too.

Well Burgundy. Don't you look evil.
Well I told you I wasn't good. No, the dark arts are for me.

But Bronze is really good. So good she's gone sparkly.
Aren't the sparklies pretty?

No Bronze. You have three options. You don't use rock EVERY time. You'll never win that way.
Ok. No rocks. How about paper? Can I be paper every time.

I really am enjoying my elder years. Now that you are leaving me and William alone, we have plenty of time to just cuddle.
Well I'm glad you're happy.

I see you've achieved your goal. You're so evil you've turned green.
Yeah, cool isn't it. I'm bad and I know it. He he he. You know, you just have to be true to yourself. And my self isn't good. She's bad.

Living outside the grid is really starting to pay dividends. Not only do I not have to worry about forgetting to pay bills, I make over a grand a week. Booyeah!

The teens work on the garden. It's been raining so much lately that the garden has really suffered. It took me forever to remember that my witches could easily make the rain go away. And by then the damage was done. Oh well. Spray those bugs girls. Spray on.

Umm, Burgundy? Are you sure you should stick your hand in that?
Shee! I'm working. It's tricky business creating a dark throne.

Oh Bisque. What were you thinking?
I just wanted to pet it.
Girl, you have been spending to much time hanging around Bronze.
Ak. Black's got a girl friend.
Do you mind. I'm working on my moves. A good spy has to be able to seduce with ease.
You're not a romance sim. You know that right?
I know. I'm a spy. We have to be whatever is needed at any given time.
Am I smooth or what?

I guess you are. You managed to steal a kiss.
It wasn't a theft. A true spy rarely steals. He gets people to give him what he wants.

He he he he.
What are you planning Burgundy?
Wouldn't you like to know.

Did you know werewolfs could call other wolves? Where have I been that I only just discovered this? So I had William call the pack together. William didn't have anything better to do anyway.

My first wolf walkby. How special.

She better watch it sniffing around my man. I'll hurt her if I have to.

Emmm. The vampire is HOT! I'm gonna get me some of that.
Fine. Just wait until you're out of college first.
William finishes up his lifetime aspiration benefits. Yeah William.

Hump. No matter how hard I throw it he still manages to catch it.
I'm a spy. I'm trained to deal with situations like this.

Thanks for the pool table.
You're welcome Black. I knew you needed one to work on your moves.
Yeah. You never know when this knowledge will come in handy. You have to always be prepared.
Rain rain go away. Come again another day.
Our little girl has learned how to do a spell. I'm going to cry.

Why isn't it working?

Ok. Hold off on the tears.

Got it. I did a spell.

I knew you could do it.

All of the teens have lived at least 7 days of teenhood so it's time for them to head off to college.

Now you will notice that Bronze has no scholarship. That's because our heiress isn't going to college. She's going to live out her entire life here on the family estate. I've been considering letting one or two of the kids come back from college and live out there life on the estate too. Not really sure about that yet. But for now Black, Burgundy and Bisque are off to join Blue and Brown at college. We'll figure out the rest later.

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ruby said...

Really? no college? wow. just ... wow...
I love Black. how can anyone not love him? He's so smooth with his moves!
Burgandy wowzers, she was green before but now.. holy boop! evil lil buggerette!
*waves bye to the kidlets* Have fun storming the castle!