Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shade 1.11 - Elderhood for Aqua

Back at the Shade Legacy...

The Shade's are all growing older.
I have a birthday just around the corner Brown. Don't forget to call your brother and remind him.
Yeah mom. Call Blue. Got it.

Mommy isn't going to have any more babies is she?
No sweetie. We've had as many kids as we are going to.
Good. Mommy doesn't need to have any more babies. If she did she wouldn't have enough time to spend with me.
What are you up to Bronze? Playing with blocks?
No I'm drawing a picture for mommy. This will be the color of the trees.
Umm. But those are blocks Bronze. You can't color with blocks. You have to use the crayons for that.
Ok. If you're sure. I thought you just had to chew on it for a while and then it would work.

With a fortune sim in the house and with more aspiration points than I could ever use, I decided to build a money tree room. Brown loves the money tree room and so far has done most of the harvesting for me.
Money! Money money MONEY!
As always I think I may have gotten carried away with.
No. You can never have to much money.
But you can have to many money trees. But I figure if they die it's no real loss since I wasn't using those aspiration points anyway.

My daddy. They are dancing with MY daddy.
He's their daddy too Bronze. You have to share.
Don't want to share. I'll find something else to do.

Family dancing in the snow. It's got to be cold out there. Maybe everyone should come inside before you freeze.

Na! Let's play!

He he he. Gonna getcha!

Well Black. Are you ready?
I'm ready. Let's spin this thing.

Black becomes a teenager. I'm not even going to ask what's with the hair.

So, popularity huh?
Yes. With a side of pleasure if you please. And I already have my first orders. I'm to infiltrate a cult as a double agent.
That sounds dangerous.
Nah. I've trained my whole life for this. I'm ready. It will take me years but I will succeed.
I know you will Black. I have complete faith in you.
I told you to come inside. You're not dressed for a snowball fight. Now get inside and warm up.

As you'll recall, Black and Bronze are cheese cake twins. So now it's time for Bronze to join also become a teen.

Don't it figure I'd get a romance sim for an heiress.
I want to be like my dad and study oceanography.
We'll there is that at least. I also noticed at this point that I suddenly didn't have my custom eyes. So I found them and got them back in and all was well. I was a bit worried for a while there.

But here is Bronze after her makeover with her custom eyes back in place.

I look pretty.
Yes dear you do.

Black, how long has she been laying there?
Two days I think. I don't know when she's going to wake up. She should have suffocated and died a long time ago.
Yuck. So unhygienic.
I think I'll buy a kitchen radio to prevent this in the future.
William turns another townie. The werewolf nation is rising in numbers.

And so is the witches coven.
Pretty lights.

Ok. I admit it. She ain't the brightest bulb in the box.

And another one bites the dust... or joins the magic community as it were. If only Black had been born female.

But he wasn't. No. You, Bronze are our only heiress.
Heiress? Is it hard to be heiress?
No dear. It's not hard at all. And I'll be here to help and guide you along the way.
But couldn't Black do it? Or Brown?
No. They can't be an heiress. Only a girl can.
Oh. So then how about Blue?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

As heiress you will have to learn enough magic to turn your children when it's time. So study hard Bronze.
Look. There are words in this book. Lots and lots of words. Where are the pictures?

One day the gardener just got dropped off. He then hung around all day and eventually became best buds with William. Now he's hanging around the house all the time. I can't get rid of him. He must seriously want to become part of the legacy.
After reading another blog - I think maybe Ruby's - I learned about the solar and wind power options that came with M&G. So I added a few solar panels and a couple of wind turbines and now the mailman brings me cash instead of bills. Yeah!

There is going to be a party tonight so Blue rides over from university to join in on the fun.
I couldn't miss it. Mom can cast some nasty spells when she's upset.

Congradulations on being the next heiress and future infalably good witch.
But Black, wouldn't you rather be the next heiress. I think you'd do a better job.
Can't sis. Being a spy is my life. I can't be tied down with being an heir. That's for you to do. I'll be to busy saving the world.
He he he. Good witch. I ain't gonna be no stinkin good witch.
It's finally happened. Aqua has her birthday and becomes an elder.

It's ok. I've acomplished a lot in my life and besides, I'm one hot senior citizen.

Oh no. Mom and dad are turning. This may be my que to leave.

To late.
Get him dad. He he he. Turn him. Turn him.

NO! Dad, how could you?
Easy son. With my teeth.

He really looks like William when he does that.

Well I'm getting wasted. Who's with me?
Blue, that's no way to set an example for the little ones.
The little ones didn't just get made into a werewolf. Now leave me to my nectar woman before I bite you.
After the party was over, the youngest Shade children celebrated in their own way.
Bang. Bang. Your bad so you have to be put in jail.
You can't stop me copper. I'll never be jailed. I'll be bad forever.
And on that note we shall take a small break. Next time, the twins become teens and everyone head to college.


Ndayeni said...

"Well, I'm getting wasted. Who's with me?"

Great line LOL. And Aqua did age to be a very nice looking elder.

Anonymous said...

I love that Black wants to be a cult leader! That's fantastic.

ruby said...

*giggle fits* I cant help it.. I like Bronze!
Yay for solar panels and wind power! Refunds are awesome
aw happy birthday Aqua. She's quite lovely
d'oh! run Blue!
oops .. too late. LOL easy son w/my teeth. funny!
this update was fun to read. i like this family of yours!