Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shade 1.1 - Let the Fun Begin

Let the Fun Begin

What is this?
You're new home. I know it isn't finished yet.
Finished. It's barely started. What do I do when it rains?
Get wet?
There is no need to pout.
I'm not pouting. I'm learning to cook. Not that I have a stove yet but I try to always be prepared.
I'll get you a stove. Don't worry. I just wanted to build you a pond first.
Whatever. I'd rather have a telescope.
Someday. Impatient little sim.
Eww. It's the garden club guy. Go meet him.
Why? I don't like the looks of him.
There's nothing wrong with him. And we have to be on the lookout for your future mate. A legacy needs babies after all.
Babies. I'm not having babies with him. No way no how.
Fine just make friends with him. You need friends if you want to be promoted.
You know, if you bought some windows your place here wouldn't look so crappy.
Excuse me. Crappy? Are you saying my place looks crappy?
Well yes. What? You don't agree?
Maybe I do but if this was your place I'd never tell you it looked crappy. You are officially off the future possible husband list.
Umm. Welcome Wagon. Yes it's just the two of them. But if you look closely you will see that she has alien eyes. I found these cool hacks on someones blog this weekend and now my townies and npcs can have alien skin, eyes and elf ears. I could almost swoon.
Oh please.
So I got my first job today. I start tomorrow. Does anyone know what a test subject does exactly?

Somebody finally showed up and installed Aqua's phone. Almost immediately a guy called and invited Aqua to go downtown on an outing with him.

A stranger. A strange man I didn't know called and you made me go on an outing with him. I don't know these people.

But look. Several of them are hotties. You want to marry a hottie don't you.

Men? Where? I don't see any hotties?

Turn around you goob. And you might want to eat at some point before you starve.

Who's kid is this? What's a townie? Why would they bring a kid to an outing at night with a strange woman in tow? What's wrong with these people.

Just hush and make friends alright. Shesh.

Yes there ARE more important things than having best friends. How about finding love. Learning new things. Discovering the secrets of the universe.

Aqua lay off. They are all hot men. Just make friends for now. You can criticize later.

Please. I don't want a later with him. Mark him off the list. I find him extremely annoying.

He won't seem so annoying once you've had something to eat.

Yes he will.

Just eat already. Shesh. And next time don't wait so long to eat. You shouldn't have to eat two and a half plates of fish just to get full.

Well he's yummy. I scoped the lot just like you MADE me and I like him the best. Can I keep him?

Maybe. He's only two bolts but he is hot.

Looks like blue eyes and blue lips thinks so too.

Those hussys. They had best back away from my man.

You aren't even best friends yet.

So? He's mine until I say otherwise.

Well I hope for your sake that ACR doesn't disagree with you.

It was good of you to feed the boy Aqua.

I know. I'm just kind and nice. What can I say?

So what do you think about Deacon? He's a hot alien and number two on your hot men list.

Well he's ok but I still like William better. William is all that and a bag of chips.

Umm. Ok? If you say so.

The first official fight in Fruitandale Island history. Poor girl got it handed to her by someone who should not be in my clean neighborhood. Darn it. I try to escape these same old faces but they just won't let me.

What? You really want to be a witch? Why would you ever want to do that?

Well. I like the idea of magic. I could use my powers to help my friends and family and the environment. Oh, and I could change annoying creepy men into frogs.


I don't think there is really a spell for that.

So I'll just zap him out of existence? Turn him into a zombie? Make him my love slave and then break his weak mamby pamby heart?

First official vampire sighting. This is Count Layne Gabriel. I think of him as the Road to Angels. His name just cracks me up.

You're strange oh great one. And you don't expect me to marry a vampire do you? I want William.

No you won't marry Layne. Buy your daughters might like a little bit of vampire in their lives.


Didn't I mentioned that I was going to try to do an heiress only legacy? Darn. I'm sure I meant to mention it before now.

Hi Mr Good Warlock sir. Could you tell me more about the Wicca lifestyle? Do I get to ride a broom and zap annoying men with my wand?

Hideous townie alert. If only I was working on an uglacy. He would be perfect for that.

Eww. He's nice. I'm pretty sure I picked him up over at the Broke Legacy.

He's not William.

But he's green.

But not Wiliam's shade of green.

So you're pretty much set on William Jackson then?

Well duh. What makes you think that?

Aqua finally headed home. Her two friends came along and immediately passed out.

So sad. I hope social services realizes he's not mine.

Just go inside don't you mean up on the foundation? and go to sleep. Tomorrow you have to start on your career.


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Your new legacy is quite entertaining so far! I love your skins, BTW. I totally LOL'd at that vampire's name, how funny! And I can relate with wanting to start new all the time, anytime I read someones blog challenge I want to try it myself! LOL

ASimWen said...

Ha! Love the vamp name also. The skins are interesting....see how many you can bring into the many carry down in the generations!

ruby said...

Aqua is sassy. I love her!
And yes darn it, she wants William. *snorts*