Friday, March 20, 2009

Shade 1.10 - And then there are FIVE

Time for more fun at the Shade Estate. And look, we're practically rolling in the dough now. lol

A clean were-witch is a happy were-witch.
Calgon, take me away.
Stressful day?
The usual. To many kids in the house. Is it bad for me to wish some of them would move out?
Not at all. That's completely normal. Now if you start killing them off to make room, then we have a problem (unless you're going for ghost points which we aren't).
Aqua gets her wish as both Brick and Brass move out. They moved out separately after I got them both cellphones. Who knows how long they may have to live in the sim bin.

Awww. Burgundy is so cute. Mean little slob but just so dang cute.

A townie child finally stops by and check out the time. Me thinking she be skipping school. Bad townie.

And miracle of miracles Blue brings a teenage girl home from school with him. Maybe his reputation is getting around?

The kids kept ignoring my awesome playground so I forced little miss maybe heiress Bronze to play on it. Soon half the family joined in. Now that's more like it.

More birthdays. First up is Bisque who is just cute as a button. And she grew up in the middle of the headmaster visit.

Yes notice the bottom part. Notice that there is no mention of Burgundy. That would be because she grew up 2 seconds AFTER I got the food points. Rotten timing on my part. And me being upset with myself is why there is NO BIRTHDAY PICTURE of Burgundy. Bad Tammy.
William has been dying to bite people but for the first time he got the want to change someone specific into a werewolf. So... I let him go for it.

Welcome to the pack now bow to your Alpha.

And Fruitandale Island has it's first werewolf townie. Actually this is my first werewolf townie ever. How cool is that?
But... the want to turn her didn't go away after she had been turned. I'm having a lot of this right now. Every since installing M&G Stuff. I fulfill wants and don't get credit. I get wants that they can't fulfill yet. For example: Black had the want to earn his seventh bar of creativity and he only had FOUR bars of creativity. Never had this problem before. Weird. But it's a little glitch and not an end of the world glitch so I'll deal with it. All I ask is that the glitches don't start multiplying and having baby glitches of their own.

Captain Bisque reporting for duty Sir.
Umm. Well I'm not a Sir but ok.
Ready to launch mission 12-1X4K.
What is mission 12 whatever?
That's the coded name for the mission where we blast off into space and find my long lost alien daddy.
Oh. Well carry on then. Child's living in her own little world. We'd best not disturb her.

OMG. Someone finally used the pool and I didn't even make him. I love you Black.
A spy must be able to jump out of planes and swim safely to shore. He must also be able to hold his breath underwater long enough to make the bad guys think he's dead.
Well just make sure you don't get yourself dead. I do NOT want any drowning victims. Those are absolutely the worse ghosts you can ever have.

I won't die. I'm a spy. We always survive in the end.

Brown? Is that you?
Yea. Long time no mention of me at all.
Whoops. Sorry.
Well it looks like Brown wants to earn a fortune someday. I kind of wanted him to roll romance but the is even better. I so have plans for you my boy. If only I have time to get to them someday.

Spontaneous werewolf transformations. This is what happens when three bolters stick to each other like glue.

And Demon Dog comes to check in with his pack. He looks so sweet and innocent in that shot.

Bad hair day?
This picture makes Blue look like he's really having a bad hair day but in fact it's just a little tree in the distance.
Wha? Dude just give me the food. I don't have time to talk now. I've got to get supper on the table.
The kids all fear becoming werewolves but none of them fear becoming witches so...
Brown (you can tell by the eyes) becomes a second generation magic user. Wasn't going to turn him but then I changed my mind. The werewolf thing is still up in the air.
Brown gets a little makeover. Look'n nice.
Is it my turn on the wishing well yet?
Ummm. Soon. Very very soon.
William maxes all this skills.
Wow. I know it all.

Well not everything. There's still fire safety and couples counseling and all that crap.

Then Aqua maxes her skills and fulfills her second lifetime want.

Aqua also fills up her lifetime aspiration meter.

So she celebrates by turning Blue into a warlock.
Wow. Sparkly.
Shut up dweeb and get back over here. It's your move.
Time for the twins Bisque and Burgundy to learn to study. Now we are done for this generation. HALALUA!

Black? Aren't you a little big to be playing with blocks.
I use them to plan out my escape routes. Never go into any situation without at least one backup plan.

WOOT! New TV upgrade. Booyeah! I wish someone would stop by my house and give me a big screen tv. I'd sell the thing and pay off my credit card.

What to do? What to do? Go for it dude. Run Naked.

Ow. Hit the knowledge sim where it huts. Sorry William. My bad.

William lost a body point?
Yeah. He's bound to be cranky when he gets home.
That's ok. I know just how to cheer him up.
That's fine Aqua but could you two not cheer each other up in your daughters double bed? You have your own bed. Woohoo there.
But what fun is that?

It's a snow monster.

No it's just little Burgundy.
Take that you stupid iceman. I'll destroy you and all of your goody goody twins too.
What is it with these kids? They are all little spitfires except for Bronze our potential heiress who is no where to be seen.

Well Blue piddled around until he was half way through his teen year then we both thought it was time for him to go. So off to college with your mighty scholarships you go. That is just so sad. My Avery Legacy kids always went to college with at least 9k in scholarship. Of course that was a different legacy where I cared about points. This one is a whole lot more laid back.

Bye bro.
Wait don't leave Blue. Who will help me find my lost daddy?
Sucker! You didn't pack your stuff and now it's mine.
Why didn't dad build the house farther from the road. The walls should be over there. Then things would be so much nicer.
Heaven help me.
Blue arrives to Sim State in one piece and reverts to his warlock apparel which he quickly changes out of.

He quickly changes into the only outfit in the dresser this wonderful ski outfit. Everyone say good-bye to Blue. GOODBYE BLUE! We will hopefully see him around by not as a playable sim in the legacy lot.
And now there are FIVE! Will Brown ever get a social life? Will Bisque find her long lost daddy? Will Burgundy be arrested for snowman decapitation? Will Black be recruited into a mysterious secret organization? Will Bronze ever develop a personality? Well I don't know. I was asking you.


sarah said...

This is one of the most amusing legacies I've read. I read it right from the beginning

Ndayeni said...

All of the kids really have their own distinct personalities don't they? Will be interesting to see how the personalities play out as they get older. Keep up the good work :)

ruby said...

the kids are a hoot!
Brown turned in to one lil hottie boy .. he definitely takes after his father.