Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shade 1.8 - Brick & Brass

And we're back.
Can you believe we get to go to private school. That means we're special.


Not really but you two can believe it if you want to.

Black is up and walking around dressed in his finery. I think of Black as a spy in training. I can hear the James Bond 007 soundtrack going through my head whenever he's around.

But dad.
No buts. You have to do your homework. I won't let you bribe your brother into doing it for you.
Wha? For me. It isn't even winter yet.
It's just a little something I cooked up in the magic room. SHE says it will take away the yucky plantsimishness. She just wants us to do one thing before we drink it.
Really? What?
Are you ready to leave your plantsim selves behind?
More than ready. So what do we have to do?
Are you sure this is a good idea?
You know sometimes just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
I know. I think this is a good idea. Maybe it's not. Abort. Abort.

To late. What did I do?

I had a girl. I'll name her Brass.
I had a boy. I'll name him Brick.
( You know this whole naming thing seemed cute to me when I started it. But once you start scraping the bottom, it doesn't seem so cute anymore.)
So little dude, don't you want to grow up and be a rocker?
Well I do like music strange green man but I'm not sure that the rock'n roll lifestyle is the right one for me.

Why do we have to work in the garden?
Because SHE doesn't want mom & dad to do it.
Are we being punished?
No. She keeps saying something about us needing badges.
Our school uniforms would look cool with extra badges.
Yeah. Let's make our own later.
Aqua and William teach the plantsim babies a nursery rhyme. That's all they can learn after all so we might as well teach them.

Go ahead. I promise nothing bad will happen.
Ok. If you say so.
Bottoms up.
And he's back. William the werewolf warlock is back. Yeah William.
I feel like there is something on my face.

Our heiress sings quietly to herself. I hope she stays this sweet.

The babies get to know each other over blocks.

Wha? Where does it come from?
Don't ask. I might stop coming.

Lord what was I thinking? What was I thinking?

William. You've reached the top of your career track and become permanently platinum. Way to go.
Thanks. I'm glad to be back at work. All that time off was making me grumpy.

Oh heavens. I'm feeling the need for a rest.

But first. It's time to grow up Blue. Are you ready?
I don't get a party?
Nope. No time. I'm tired and about to lose my mind. I do stupid things when I'm like this. So spin already.
Cool. I'm a teenager.

Yes you are.

Not bad really. Could be SO much worse. We can work with this.
Blue, you got a makeover. You look very nice.
Thanks. I thought I might need a little more hair to attract a mate.
Or we could just use the wishing well.
Maybe. Later. Not now. To many babies now. Why don't you take your family sim self in and change some diapers for me.
Off to work.
You're sneaking out on me is what you're doing.
You're the one who kept telling us to have more kids. It wasn't my idea to have so many.
Shut up. I don't want to hear it, even if it is the truth.

Well I need a break so this is where we are going to leave things. Next time we'll try to grow some of these kiddies up and maybe move some of the kiddies out.


ASimWen said...

Whew! Ten in the fam...that is quite alot to play! Blue was quite good looking after his make over.

ruby said...

Egads woman! What were you thinking?!
I know I do bad things when I'm bored but wow... just wow!