Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shade 1.2 - Witchy Business

So. How was your first day? I see you were promoted to lab assistant. Great job.

Thanks. *sniff* Doesn't the air just smell so clean? *sniff*

No. Not really. It's just some major annoying feature added in with the Mansion & Garden Stuff pack. Oh how I would love to ring those stupid programmers necks sometimes. A sniff every now and then is cute. THIS IS RIDICULOUS PEOPLE!

*sniff* You just need to chill out. You know, stop and smell the roses. *sniff*

Another raise so soon?
Yeah. I'm just good like that.

Aqua you are just moving up by leaps and bounds. I should reward you somehow. How about some walls?
I'd rather have William.
Umm. You'd chose William over walls?
Yes please.
Ok. Let's call him up and invite him over.

Oh William. I am so glad you're here. Those hussies didn't attack you when I left did they?

Never mind William dearest. Just let me show you why you should never pay those hussies any attention.

Emm. Slurp. Good. Slurp. Idea.

What in the hey is this suppose to be. Darn M&G pack. How can I buy it if I don't know what it is? Grumble. Grumble. And it won't freaking GO AWAY.

I see you called up Rowan Fox (which is an excellent name for a warlock don't you think)?
Yes well William had to go. Work or something. It better not have been those hussies.
Well. You can't say you didn't expect this to happen.
Pretty lights. I'm tingly all over.

Meet Aqua Shade the nice witch. Although she does look up to something in this picture.
Hey Mr. Vampire sir. No I wasn't doing anything. Just changing my clothes. I don't care much for the pointy hat. Makes me look like I'm up to something. Well of course I am but I don't want people knowing that ahead of time.

This is my newest stray. Hatbox. What kind of name is Hatbox for a dog. And I have not just one but two strays with this same name. The other is a wolf. Neither of them look like a Hatbox. They both look like something that would eat a hatbox.

God she's sniffing the air again.
Love the smell. *sniff*
Well at least you brought home a coworker. Why don't you try an outing. Maybe you can get a raise out of it or something.

I don't like outings.
Me either. I'm not good at them. Only dates.
I'm not dating her. I don't swing that way.
I didn't ask you to.
Just making myself clear here.

The outing didn't go well. Good enough I guess. So I thought it might be time for Aqua to take a trip.

Go go gadget broom. Up up and away? How do you fly this thing anyway?

Help! Where are the brakes?

Oh Rowan you have nothing to worry about. I took two years of home ec in high school. I could bake up a storm. Until I went to college and promptly forgot all my skills. But I'm sure it will come right back to me.

Queen witch on her thrown.
No just me. Energizing. I really need one of these chair things back home.
That's why we're here dear. Otherwise why bother?
Because of the spectral cat that runs around clawing on the furniture?
I think not.

You know it takes a lot of studying to become powerful enough to make that thrown.
Yes, I know. But keep at it. We are almost there.

I did it. I did it. I made a thrown of light. I am all good and sparkly. I can't wait to show William.

With a few essentials packed away, Aqua heads home to begin the next stage of her life.

What's the next stage?

Why love and marriage of course.


ASimWen said...

GAh I know what you mean about the sniffing. What I find more irritating is the shading of the eyes when the Sim comes out of the house. I downloaded a hack from MATY to stop that. The first time I saw that I thought the sim was saluting...LOLOL!!!!

Funny: "They both look like something that would eat a hatbox."

Good for a chuckle!

ruby said...

Ugh, I get those unnamed wants too. I cant stand them!
you went to town and was able to work on your magic skills? Where?? Do tell!

aquatami said...

There are hidden magical lots just like there are hidden hobby lots. You can walk/fly to a community lot and choose on of the magic lots. It's great because the time stands still like on a community lot so you can get plenty of magic learning in.