Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shade 1.3 - Then Comes Marriage

So, I take it you're liking your new throne?

It's great. Never have to even move. Just sit and study for hours. If only I had one of those fancy education bookshelves.

Maybe someday.

Another stray. Hatbox could eat this whole too.

I just realized that the mailman is an alien.
Wha? Really? Cool. Wonder if he has any tips on how to contact his home world?
Don't even think it. We are not ready for that yet. Let's get your first week finished first ok.

Fine. Whatever. More time for me to study.
With winter just a day away, I finally got around to building those walls. It's not much but it will keep the snow off Aqua while she studies.

Or does whatever.
Yes William. I've missed you too. Could you come over? I thought maybe we should have a date before we married.

You've got to love a woman that doesn't play games.

Oh William. You love knowledge just like me.
Well I was pretty sure he was knowledge or family one.
And he wants to be a warlock. Can I make him one? Can I, can I please?
Well ok. It's not like you to have any other descent wants right now anyway.
Oh William. This won't hurt a bit.

Wow! Sparkly. And tingly too.

Oh William. We are so PERFECT together.
Yeah yeah. You're good together but shouldn't a 5000 point want have made that date meter go up more?

Now we're getting somewhere.
Oh William. I love you. You are the only man for me.
You two are starting to make me sick.
You're just jealous that you don't have your own hottie.
*sniff* I know. *sniff* Just carry on.
Dang girl. I didn't mean to carry on like THAT!
We're in love. Why wait?
Umm. Pregnancy. Setting a good example. Because I can't and it will make me even more jealous.
Aqua. None of the hussies hold a candle to you. You are the only woman I have ever loved. You are the only woman I will ever love (unless ACR grabs me in a weakened moment). What do you think? Will you marry me someday?
YES! Oh yes, I will be your hussy and wife.

A closer shot of the future Mr. Shade. He really is a hottie.
Just after midnight on Monday morning, William Jackson moves in with his fiance Aqua Shade bringing $15,000 with him. Below are his credentials.

This was the very first job available on the computer that morning. It was fate. And I am so happy to not have to look for years to find his job of choice.

Sorry Aqua. I have to start work immediately. We'll have to get married later.

It's later William. Oh William. Where are you? I want to marry you and woohoo you.

A free sample computer? That's great. I broke Aqua's last night after I found a job. This way I can just replace it with an upgrade.

It was a quick and private wedding ceremony that I apparently didn't take any pictures of.

And then there was the wedding night.

Oh William.
Oh Aqua.

Did you hear music William?
No Aqua. I didn't.
Darn it. Me wants baby.
Not that way. Well ok. Maybe that way too.
Wha? I love science. Aqua bought me a telescope as a wedding gift.
Really. I thought the guys bought the gifts. What did you get her?
Huh? I got her me. What more could she want?

Well she does look somewhat satisfied with the deal. Turns out she also likes science. Mawahaha!
Oh baby. I did hear music that time.
Me too William. Me too.

And that's where we leave the Shade family. Next time.... babies?


Jenni said...

This is really good!! I'll be sure to keep an eye on this!!

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion - I was kinda distracted by the red lines around the photos - I know it's a pain to crop them out - so just use this hack to remove them : (,62217.0.html)

Ndayeni said...

Great start here. I really like the writing style so far. Keep up the good work, and I'll look forward to seeing how this develops.

aquatami said...

Thanks for the encouragement and I'll definitely try out the hack to lose the red lines.

ASimWen said...

William is a hottie alright....seeing the kids will be interesting!

Asara said...

Oh I like this one! Keep it going! Also your very Funny and Witty.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Haha, I will be your hussie and your wife. LOL Perfect woman, right? ;)

ruby said...

whew she got herself one handsome hubs .. who is apparently full of himself LOL