Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shade 1.7 - Burgundy & Bisque

And we're back again where we join The Shade Family Legacy already in progress.

Eck! I can't breathe. What's happening to me?

What? I'm a what?

Plantsim. you are a non-green witch werewolf plantsim. Cool!

William I'm going to need you to help Aqua please?
Why can't I just do something else? I haven't maxed my skills. Can't I just skill for a while?
Nope. No skilling. Just help with the overgrown mess of a garden.
Aw. I feel so strange.
And you look strange too. I'm not liking this look on you. You just don't look right as a plantsim.
Well you did this to me. Fix it.
Wait. What's going on?

Aww man. Can't you leave well enough alone?
Apparently not. I seemed like a good idea at the time.

Still not using the pool or playground I see.
Working on my form. My natural hobby is music and dance and you won't let dad buy us a stereo.
If I did you'd all just stand around smussling all day. No thanks.

Well at least the plantsim are making the garden look better. I was a raging mess at one point.

I'm a sports fan but I'm not athletic. Just watch me slouch.
(If you haven't noticed by now this episode and probably the next should be subtitled attack of the mouse pointer. Not sure how I managed to get that in EVERY freakn picture but I did. I'll try really hard to prevent this in the future. Just as soon as I figure out how I'm doing it. )

Umm. These flowers smell so good.
Get up Blue. You look like a dork carrying on like this.

I didn't tell you to get up so that you could walk two steps and sniff another patch of flowers. Act like a kid. Kick the flowers. Tear up the flowers. Pull the flowers out by the roots. But for crying out load stop sniffing the flowers.

Brown grows into childhood. Other than the mouse pointer he doesn't look half bad.

William is getting higher wages while on maternity leave. Way to go William.

Oh no. By friend William is a confused momster.
Ok I admit it. I MAY have gone just a little overboard with all the sim mutations. William has lost his wolfish good looks and I'm just not liking it at all. I may have to fix this after the birth.

Why did William loose his wolfishmess but Aqua kept hers? Was it because she was a werewolf when she became a plant and William wasn't? Seems unfair if you ask me.

I am allowing Blue and Brown to do what they will and what they will is play musical instruments all the time. The both have music and dance as natural hobbies. At least they are starting to get good. For a while there it was hurting my ears.

With nothing better to do, Aqua invited the headmaster over for dinner.

Wow. You have such a lovely home.
Not really but thanks for thinking so.

I haven't used most of the spells available in this game. I let Aqua zap the headmaster with the spell to make them friends. She only got 15 friendship points out of it. Humm. Maybe it didn't work? Otherwise, why bother?

Is your husband pregnant?
I hope the headmaster doesn't have anything against aliens? I'd hate to have to hurt him.
While Aqua continued smoozing - and waiting for the headmaster to finish eating - which was taking forever - he must have a lot of neat points - William helped Black with his birthday.

Well, we got a different personality this time. Similar but different.

Aqua transforms into her wolf self half way through the meal. Now I'm really hoping the dude isn't prejudice. Otherwise we're screwed.

Shew. The boys made it into private school.
I knew they would. They are my sons after all.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I'm out of practice with the whole headmaster thing because I'm generally to lazy to mess with it.

With the headmaster gone, Aqua can help our heiress with her birthday.

Bronze is a cancer like her mommy. She has more playfulness than her mom but otherwise they have very similar stats.

Are you sure this will work?
I told you it would. Just make up a couple of bottles. I swear it will get rid of the plantsimishness.
But I keep my gold badge. I like my gold badge and it's the only gold badge I have.
Yes. The badge stays. Just the hideous greeness goes. I want my William back.
Me too. Hey wait. He's my William.
We can share. William has enough yummy goodness to go around.
Hey. What's this?
I think they see me. Can't let them see me. Try to blend in with my surroundings. Must be invisible.
Oh no. He sees me. Hello little Shade child. I'm just, umm, passing through. Nothing to see here. Nothing to see.

If you say so crazy gypsy woman.

There. I've delivered it. They will never know it's me that brought it. Must scamper away quickly.
If you didn't want us to notice you, maybe you shouldn't have clapped and cheered quite so loudly. Just a though.
TG! The calvery has arrived. This garden is just to much.
We'll downsize next spring.
I vote we forget the whole thing spring year.
William. That's no way for a plant sim to talk.
Grumble. Grumble.
Wow! Money from the sky. And I'm not hurt.
William. I told you things would be ok. Truthfully I had forgotten all about having a wishing well until the gypsy brought the lamp. Then I rembered the falling cash and lord knows you could use it.
That's because you keep spending it faster that I can earn it. I'm on maternity leave you know.
Sorry. I'll try to do better. But pool and playground look better with a fence and the boys needed a new bedroom and bath.
Umm. This water sure is refreshing.

Oh. The pain. The well water is poisoned.
No William I just think you're in labor.
Wha? It hurts. Make it stop. Make it stop.
William, you didn't get into the cheese cake did you. I told you - no cheesecake.
I didn't touch the stuff. I swear. Do you think I wanted twins?

It's a girl.
Of course it is. Doesn't that just figure.

Aqua. Stop picking at the daisy and hold the baby for William. He needs to spin again.
She'll leave us alone now. She'll never leave us alone. She'll leave us alone now.
And another daughter. I have two little alien daughters.
Unbelievable. Now I get girls. And your custom eyes must be strong since all the kids except Brown have wound up with them.

She'll never leave us alone.
Aqua. Come and look at our daughters.
Don't you mean your daughters. I didn't have anything to do with this.
Aqua. Be nice.
Nice. We are GREEN and surrounded by babies and you want me to be nice?
Welcome to the family little Burgundy and Bisque Shade. They can't be heiresses but I'm sure they will find their place in the neighborhood.

We will pause here with the birth of another two Shades. Next time, the family gets a teenager.


ASimWen said...

Hoho! Another set of twins. Awww... I am starting to feel for the Shades. Me thinks they don't like thier green-ness.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow, I am so impressed with all you are getting done with this family! Insomnia works for you! LOL Wishing wells, headmasters, werewolfs, genie lamps, plantsims. And so many children! Eeek!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading through...can someone be a vampire and a plant sim at the same time? How would that work with the sunlight issue? Hmmm.

ruby said...

Ack plant sims! oddly that is one thing i dont like in the game.
*pouts* William lost his sexiness and Aqua lost her purdiness...
LOLz at the killer mouse pointer
a confused momster LOL nice
*waves at the twins* that figures twin girls. too funny!

aquatami said...

Yes you can be a vampire and a plantsim. I have one in another neighborhood. You must by those plant growing lights for your house or make them us energizers. But it can be done.