Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shade 1.5 - Brown?

And we're back. I'm wide awake now so we might as well knock this last update out.

Aqua spends the rest of her maternity leave working with little Blue.

That's it Blue. You can do it. Just stand up and walk for mommy.


I taught Blue a nursery rhyme William. It was just so sweet listening to him sing it in his little baby voice.

That's nice dear. Just need one more mechanical point and then maybe SHE will leave me alone.

OMGosh, she knows your boss and can get you a promotion without that last logic point that you don't have time to get.

But you said that I couldn't go back to work until this baby was born.

Yeah but this will keep. You can get promoted after our heiress is born.

Until then why not work on something else. Mechanical maybe. This way you can skill and NOT STARVE TO DEATH. Ok.

Sure. Yeah. Wow would you look at that. Who knew building bombs was so easy.

William has been working out to get his next promotion. I just noticed that this has made him extra studly to Aqua. I keep forgetting that the athletic turn on has to do with skill points and not personality points.

And speaking of William, our main man has been promoted to a deep sea fisherman. Congrats.

Can I stop skilling now?

Temporarily. But I'm sure I have other stuff you need to be doing.

Like catching the baby when she comes out. Her she comes. Our little heiress.

Oh. How beautiful. She got your eyes.

He. He got my eyes. My beautiful baby boy. I think I'll name him Brown.

He? Brown? No. No no no. We discussed this. You are suppose to be having GIRLS. I wanted girls.

Sorry. You got boys.

Well we aren't done yet sister. Prepare for impregnation.

Musts I?

Oh yeah.

Speaking of oh yeah. Oh what a gardener. Yumm. Not sure about those eyes I downloaded but the rest of him looks nice.

Another promotion and William becomes the protector of whales. We have to be getting close to the top right?

You tell me. You are the one with all the prima books scattered about.

If only I wasn't to lazy to look it up. Ok let's see. Where the heck is that chart. Oh. Only one more promotion to go. You and Aqua are both on the verge of finishing up your careers.

Then we can be lazy and just play right?

Umm. Maybe. Depends. I'll think about it. How's that?

Not very encouraging actually.

Maid shot. If we do get stuck with an heir, she would make a fine addition to the family.

And there it is. The final promotion for Aqua. Aqua Shade becomes a Mad Scientist. She doesn't look crazy but I know her and deep down she is a bit twisted.

Hey. That's not nice.

Oh please. What I say about you I'm pretty much saying about myself so don't take it so personally. Or something. Ak. I need sleep.

Blue came outside on the porch to greet his mommy. They sang a nursery rhyme together. Isn't that just so sweet. BTW we have enlarged and upgraded the house some. I don't think I took any pics but I'll try to get some for later.

Do we have to do this?

Yes. I want a GIRL. Think GIRL. Female. NOT MALE.

Come on love, let's just do this. Even if we don't get a daughter, we can at least have fun trying.

There's the spirit.

Blue grows into a child wearing a swimming outfit. And we don't even have a pool.

We don't? Why not?

I haven't built one yet. But for you squirt I shall build a pool. And if you don't swim in it I will be upset. Got that.

Sure lady. Can I have a dog too?

Don't push your luck. You aren't that cute.

Well I built the pool but maybe I should have built an upstairs bedroom. Blue has been stuck using Aqua's old bed which is now sandwiched into the magic room. All those magic vapors can't be good for a kid.

Darn. I think I pushed William to far. Who knew a sim could sleep in the throne of light?

Wake up William. The demon dog is back.

Nice doggy.

Where did we put those silly glasses?
Ha ha. Success. Think estrogen. Think pink and girly. Think baby dolls and hair ribbons.
You're just making me sicker.

With nothing better to do, Aqua called over the garden club for a home inspection. I really need to get ya'll some pictures of the house and garden. Anyway, I was so thrilled by the garden guys that I just about couldn't stand it.
She really was. It was really annoying hearing her squeal like that.
Oh please. I couldn't help myself.

As you can see, the family earned a wishing well. All family's need one. They make life so much easier. Once you've played a prosperity hood where all the families have one, you just don't know how to play without one. E-gads. I've gotten lazy.
Blue meets a neighborhood girl who is really cute except for the hair.
So you're not going to be heir?
No no. But the creator has other plans for me. She always has plans, the creator. I can only hope that she will go easy on me.
Make me like you kid and you have no worries.
Brown becomes a cute little toddler. Awww. Right now I'm thinking he looks just like his brother but I could be wrong.

Stats are close but not exactly the same.

Why do I have to learn all this dad?
Well son, education is important. If you get to go to college, you could get a great job from the start. You wouldn't have to start out shoveling marine life crap like your old man. Besides, She is less likely to kill you off if you have a good education.

Say high chair.
Say high chair.
Aqua. You don't have a high chair. Maybe you could start off with a word he knows and work your way up.
Demon dog is back. Aww. He looks so cute and friendly.
He is. We are friends now thanks to the silly glasses.

Um, William. You are sniffing the flowers. SNIFFING the flowers. One, it makes you look like an uber-dweeb. Two, it puts your face dirrectly in front of the demon dog where he might just rip it off. And three, your kneeling in that possition is bound to give the demon dog ideas. You don't want to be mounted do you?

Ow. He bit me. The demon dog nibbled on my hand.
You're happy about this?
Of course. Why else would I have sent you out there with the silly glasses on?

I feel strange. It burns, but in a pleasant way.
Dang. I think demon dog is getting turned on. It's a good thing you got up when you did.

Yes. I have a werewolf. Only the second one I've ever suceeded in making. I'm getting so much better at this. Eww. And he's a werewolf warlock. Even better.
Rarr. Want meat.
Why don't you just go sit in the throne for a while. That will make you feel better.

Dang Willaim. You are one hot wolfman. I almost think you look better this way. Um um good.
Anyway. That's all from the Shade legacy for now. Join us next time when we find out if it's possible for Aqua to have a baby girl. And if not, will I juice her up and make her keep having kids until she does? We shall find out.


CarlaluvsSims said...

A warewolf warlock! Too funny! I love reading all the different things you've accomplished in such a short time. Very interesting!

ASimWen said...

WooHoo! Love them werewolves! A werewolf warlock to boot!

ruby said...

not just a werewolf warlock...
a damn sexy werewolf warlock!
hubba hubba!