Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shade 1.4 - I'm Blue

And we're back with the insomnatic updates of the Shade Legacy. Oh why of why does my body think it only needs 4 hours sleep? And in only a few hours it will go and change it's mind. Oh well.

You're not sniffing the air again are you William?

No just enjoying my moment of triumph. I've been promoted.

Yeah. So you're cleaning dolphin tanks now. If it were me, I wouldn't celebrate until I managed to snag a less dirty job.

I like dirty jobs.
Me too. The guy who hosts it is a riot.

I see you got promoted too.

Yes. I'm an inventor.

So, you think you could invent something to stop morning sickness in it's tracks. I know some women who would pay big bucks for it.

Aqua's pregnancy really begins to show. Somehow it lengthens her hair giving her a whole new look. I found this funny really because now she looks just like I did before I cut my hair back in December. Yep. Definitely looking more like me in these photos.

Not wanting to miss a chance at another promotion, Aqua skips the meet and greet with the new townie walk by and flies herself to work.

Hun, aren't you a little chilly flying around in the dead of winter in the outfit?

No I have my pregnancy hormones to keep me warm. Besides, if you don't like the look you should probably take out a hack or two. Or pick up a new hack or something.

Yeah, I guess you're right. It just looks weird I guess.

More promotions. Let's see. Sea lice research. Sounds thrilling.

Aqua becomes a scholar and brings home some guy with really wild hair.

Am I great or what? I got promoted while on maternity leave. I am the BEST founder ever.

Well I wouldn't go that far but yeah you're pretty special.

I'm not the best ever?

Yes. You're the best ever. (Not really but let's not upset the pregnant woman.)

Oh the joys of a pregnant spouse.

Darn toilet. Darn stinking clogged toilet.

Well if either of you would bother to clean it every once in a while it wouldn't look like that. You're a virgo. Virgo's usually LOVE to clean without being told.

Busy. Got other things to do. Other things that you keep telling me to do.

Oh right. My bad.

Oh look. The neighborhood spawned a demon dog. I call him that because he had a weird name that I couldn't pronounce. I guess it's better than having another Hat Box. Maybe.

Enjoying the rest of your pregnancy?

Yeah. Sure. Would you look at that. Wow.

Yeah will you look at that. NOW you find a three bolter in one Lucas Raines. Well it's too late now.

What in the devil are you doing? Oh sweet ACR. I can't watch this.
Then close your eyes. I'm getting me a piece of Mr. Three Bolt McDreamy.

Ha. HA HA HA! Thwarted by NETWORKING! Yes Lucas we would love to have a discount on home furnishings. That way Aqua and her HUSBAND can buy some new furniture for their soon to be born BABY.
This is only a setback. I'm still getting me some of this hot elf.

Do so at your own risk Aqua. If William finds out I am so not smoothing this over for you.

Another promotion. Great. And why are you wearing silly glasses?

You told me to. Remember. This morning. I distinctly remember a voice telling me to put on silly glasses and talk to the demon dog.

Oh right. I'd forgotten. Well congrats on the promotion.


Oh please. It's just contractions and yours will be over a lot quicker than most women's are.

See. What did I tell you. And just like that you have your baby in your arms. And no stretch marks even.

Oh. Isn't he beautiful. I think I'll call him Blue.

Him? Blue? I thought we discussed this and we were going to have an heiress only legacy.

Yeah. Whatever. Like I can really control that sort of thing.

Fine but next time I want a girl. GIRL. Remember that.

I have a son. A son. My very own son.

Are you sure you're not a family sim? You look very family simmish in this picture.

No. I'm just happy. And you haven't given me a second aspiration yet.

With two working parents the Shade family decided to hire a nanny. William wanted a butler but I overruled him.

You're always doing that.
I know. Isn't it great to be in charge?

We wouldn't know.

Finally, someone cleans the toilet. At least we know she's good for something. But will she be able to take care of the baby?

Aqua is looking very serious and professional after Blue's birth. All that professionalism pays off and she's promoted to a Top Secret Researcher. I wonder what a Top Secret Researcher does?

I can't say. It's top secret.

And William has become a mad bomber.

And it's time to get cracking on that daughter.

A little privacy please.
Yeah. You're giving us performance anxiety.

Sorry. I'll just give you two a moment.

Well you two seemed to get the job done.

Why? Why did you do this to me again?

Technically, William did this to you again. I just asked him to. That sounds rather naughty. Like I was pimping him out or something. Oh well.

A marine biologist? I didn't know you could do that without a college degree.

It's all in who you know. Once you know the correct way to blow stuff up, people will let you do a lot of things they wouldn't have let you done otherwise.
It's birthday time. Blue Shade becomes a cute little toddler. A non-heir unless I'm desprit but none the less cute toddler with nice stats.

And Aqua is pregnant again. Yeah!

Mom and dad are working hard to teach their glowing baby boy all of his toddler skills. I'm thinking of letting the reins go just a bit and not skilling Blue to death once he becomes a child. It's a novel concept for a micromanager like me but I'm willing to give it a go. One of these days I'm going to have to give ISBI another go. My first attempt failed as I just couldn't let the idiots run their own lives. But that's another story and a possible way to use my excess Shade children.

He's sniffing the air again. I swear that's getting old. Has anyone seen a hack to cut this out? I REALLY need one.

Aqua's off to work again. And she seems to be getting the hang of flying.
Why thank you. You know it's not easy to fly on a broom when you're pregnant so that people can't see up your skirt.

Chance card time. How about desert? Installation? Ok. Go desert Aqua. Desert. Thinking good thoughts.

Yea. Promotion.

I would have gotten one anyway.
Well you don't know that but probably. Still nice to get it done and over with before the baby gets here.
And this is where we shall leave the Shade family for now. Next number two. And hopefully only one more update with the annoying red lines.


ASimWen said...

A green baby named blue??? eh ok. LOL! ACR go ACR!!!! I can root for it....I don't have it in my game. The people in the Falls would go nuts and spoil everything. LOL

ruby said...

if you find the air sniffing hack I need it too!
Blue is an adorable green baby. *giggles*