Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shade 1.6 - Black & Bronze

And we are back with another wonderful episode from the Shade Family.

First off, before I forget, house shots. This is all the proof you need that I am no builder.

But it looks good enough and that's all that matters. The second floor is just an open shell at the moment as I ran out of cash. The place will look even better if I ever buy windows. Got to get around to that someday. But this is a legacy and in theory, I've got time.

Aww. Brown isn't wanting to talk is he.
No. Come on Brown. Say daddy.
Why is no the first word kids learn these days?

Aqua is working on her cooking hobby plaque because it just occurred to me that we have none in the house and she has almost earned three.
Not sure why I should care so much about cooking since I never cook.
But your kids are growing up so you'll have to start making a few meals soon.
I suppose.
A teaser. For later.
Aqua meets a neighborhood guy who gives us a tv upgrade. Yeah. I hardly ever buy tvs anymore. I just wait for people to give them to me. And my picture taking skills are going downhill. If only I wasn't to lazy to crop.

Blue has started school. This shot is mainly just to remind you that he's alive and kicking.
Can I play chess now?
I'd rather you help with the garden but as soon as you do that you're free for the rest of the day.
I'm trying not to micromanage the kids but my gosh it's hard.
Awww. Cute toddler shot. Isn't Brown just adorable? And very into music. Aqua gives him a bottle and then he shoots straight over and starts making music. I usually force the kids to play blocks or with the wrabbit but I'm trying a new approach. Can you tell I'm gearing up for another attempt at an ISBI household?
I am so loving werewolf William. Aqua wants to be savaged but she's carrying precious cargo so the game says no.

Are you sure about this?
Umm. Yes. I'm sure. It's perfectly safe.
And I'm doing this right.
Yep. Just keep it up William. Keep it up.

What are you doing to my William?
Me. Umm, nothing. I'm not doing a thing.
You were bored again weren't you?
Ok. You caught me. But I couldn't just NOT send him. At some point this had to happen.

You said this was safe.
It is. Perfectly safe. You'll be home in a few hours better than before. Trust me.

I'm not sure we can ever trust you. You are always leading us into harms way.
Me? Would I do that?

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
Now William. That's just harsh.
See, you're fine.
But I heard music. I only hear music when I've gotten Aqua pregnant and Aqua is already pregnant.
And now so are you. Congratulations William. You're going to be a mommy.
I'm going to be sick.
Don't worry dear. I have this all figured out. Soon the boys will be getting older and SHE will turn all her attention to them. Then we will be free.
Are you sure.
Well really, how much more could she do to us?

He's doing the face again. He's doing the face again. See Aqua, it's that face that got him sent to the stars. I just could take him standing around and doing nothing but that face. Tell him to stop before I think of something else for him to do.

Blue meets a local girl. I haven't seen to many kids running around but I'm sure the game made some. It made elders so I'm sure there are eight or so kids around here somewhere too.

I build a playground in the side yard just for Blue. But like the pool that I also built for Blue, he doesn't play in either. At least the townie kid is having fun. At least someone appreciates my effort.

It's here. Baby time. Fingers crossed and thinking pink thoughts.

Yeah I fed her some cheese cake just to give me an extra chance for an heiress. I can only have her drink so much elixer you know.

Well? What did we get?
Another boy. My sweet little son Black.
Darn it. Spin again. Spin again.

It's a girl.
IT'S A GIRL!!!! We have ourselves a little heiress. Finally! Now you two can rest. Ok, well Aqua can rest and William can rest eventually.

Our little heiress is named Bronze Shade. I will have to take very good care of her because she's the only heiress I'm likely to get.

Ug! He spit up on me.
Babies tend to do that William.
Errr. Baby spit up all over my work out clothes. Baby spit up on a werewolf warlock. It's just not right.
Quit fussing William. I've got something I need you to do.
Rarr! What now?

Sorry hun. Just remember, she MADE me do it.
I am the man in this house and don't you forget it.
Poor Aqua. I'm feeling guilty now. Ok, I'm over it.

Aqua Shade, legacy founder, wife, mother, witch and werewolf. She gets around.

And dispite her bad memories of being turned, she now wants to turn someone herself. Not sure if we are going to do that or not but maybe. You can never rule it out. Especially since I've never had werewolf townies before.

Sad. I think the whole thing made William sick. Or it could be the baby in his tummy.

Well join us next time as the madness continues.


ASimWen said...

Yay! Finally an heiress. Bronze Shade. Pretty.

I am the man in this house and don't you forget it.
Poor Aqua. I'm feeling guilty now. Ok, I'm over it.

LOL!!!! Oh you must get townie werewolves. They are so much fun!

Jenni said...

Hehe... This is so amusing... I'm loving reading this so far. Keep it up!!!

ruby said...

The office is empty, my boss is in a meeting and I'm laughing so hard!
Good thing no one can see me. they'd think i lost my mind