Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shade 2.1 - Bronze Grows Up

Back at the Shade Legacy Estate...
Williams vampirism just had to go if for no other reason than to get back his custom eyes.

Are you sure this stuff is safe?

Now William, would I EVER lead you down the path of ruin? Never mind. Just drink up. In no time you'll be back to your normal warlock werewolf self.

William had good memories of both becoming a vampire and being cured of being a vampire. William is conflicted bless his pixelated soul.

The old folks relax by working in the garden.
Relax? Old folks? Aqua I think that girl has done lost it.
Now William, go easy on her. She had a stressful week in the real world.
That right. At least I didn't make you walk into the sun while you were vampish. I'm playing nice here so can it.
It's our little heiress coming home from school alone. It must be weird being the only child at home after years of having way to many children cluttering up the house.
Weird. Yes. Strange. Lonely. When do I get to go to college with the rest of them?
We talked about this Bronze. You aren't going to college. Remember?
Oh. Right. I'm just suppose to find a daddy for my baby.
No you are suppose to find a husband.
*whines* But I don't want a husband.
But I want you to have one so either you choose or I do and you may not like it if I choose.

No. Stay away. I'm not auditioning for husbands today.
Wha? I was just going to give you a friendly hug. You looked so down.
Well don't. I don't need your hugs or your pity. I'm just fine. I am. Nothing wrong here. Nope. I'm just perfectly perfect so GO AWAY!
Bronze, you were a little rude to your guest.
Ignoring the voice in my head.
Bronze, you can't ignore me. I won't go away. We have to talk. We have to make the third generation of Shade's someday. Once you grow up that is. (There are some hacks even I don't have.)

Ignoring. Ignoring. I can't hear you.

Weeeeee. Weeeeee.
Very mature Bronze. Fine. You have your fun for now but as soon as you age we are having a nice long chat.
Weeeeee. I can't hear you. Weeeeeee.
What are we going to do with her William? She just won't listen. She thinks if she ignores me then she won't have to be the heiress.
Bronze is as she is Oh Great One. What we need to do is get another of the kids back in here. She wouldn't be so lonely or stubborn if one of her siblings were around. And besides, it's awful quit in the house these days.
That will be taken care of once Bronze grows up and has some kids of her own.
Yeah I suppose. I just miss my kids. I really think you should let one of them move back in. You do have two of them living in the sim bin. What would it hurt if they moved back in?
Humm. I'll think about it.
That's right. Drink your egg plant juice. Aqua and William worked really hard to grow those egg plants for you and it's probably the only way I'll ever get any learning in you.
Are you saying I'm dumb?
No. I would never say you're dumb. I just can't get you to sit still long enough to learn anything.

FINALLY! After making Bronze look on the computer for a job EVERY DAY she finally finds one in the oceanography field. That is her LTW after all.

Black. You're home.
Hi mom. Just came for a visit. I can't stay.
Why not?
Well she says she would want to give me a wife and kids if I moved in and that there isn't room in the house for both me and Bronze to be having kids. So I'm just visiting.
So? What have you been up to?
Tons mom but it's all classified. You understand.
I just noticed this. I can be so unobservant sometimes. Aqua and Williams personalities have changed. I'm assuming it's because of the werewolf thing. I know plant sims and witches don't have changed personalities so that has to be it. Humm. You know this explains a lot about why Maggie Rocker Shade (Blue's wife) is beating up on all those poor townies. I'll have to check it out if I ever get back that way.
Well that didn't take long? Bronze tops the oceanography teen career. GOOOO BRONZE!
Now who's being immature.
I was mature all week and didn't even laugh in my bosses face not once. I deserve to revert on the weekend. Heck, I deserve a medal.
Oh Black. I've missed you. Maybe I should change my mind and move you back in.
Sorry. Can't move back in right now. I'm in the middle of a very important undercover assignment. If they knew that I had such a large and loving family it would blow my cover.
I understand. But you mom and dad miss you so stop by often ok.
Will do. As often as I can.
No real reason for this. He's a knowledge sim but he's also a rich knowledge sim.

OMG. We are FINALLY making progress. I swear the teenage years take forever.

Hey mom. As requested I'm back for a visit.
Isn't it a beautiful day?
Aqua? Is something wrong?
What do you think?
Oh. I see. *pouts* Oh Aqua, I'm going to miss you.
No. Don't take my wife. Take me but don't take my wife.
Hi Dad. Black. I'm home from work.

Hi Mom. Where are you going? What's going on? Why is everyone crying? Did I miss something?

Due to one very well used cell phone, Aqua left plenty of cash to all of her loved ones. Goodbye Aqua. We will miss you.

Really, what did I miss? And why am I feeling so tingly?

Yes, Aqua missed her daughter becoming an adult by mear minutes. So sad that.

Aqua Shade was laid to rest out back. We left a space for William but he has much more to do before he heads off into the light.

The hair that Bronze rolled into just didn't work with the glasses. We desided to keep the glasses and loose the hair. What do you think?
Well. I kind of like it. It's young and carefree. I also look like a school teacher or a school girl. Depending on the guy, either could be an asset.
Romance sims. You can never deside if you should kill them off or just torture them.
I'd prefer neither.
Don't worry. You're safe. From immediate death anyway. Right now it's time to find you a husband and get generation three underway.
You do remember that I'm a romance sim right? I don't want a husband.
To bad. You are getting hitched. You'll learn to deal with it.
Think of it as a permanent 24/7 booty call.
Oh. That doesn't sound so bad. Ok. Let's start looking.

You just have to learn to speak their language.

Speaking of romance sims. I caved to Williams pressure and moved back in Bisque Shade who is also a romance sim. Bisque is here to give Bronze moral support (or emoral support) and to help get the family more career rewards.

First place to look for a husband is at the wishing well.

Well what?
Well you kissed him. You're in love with him. What do you think of him as your husband?
Well, I think that I need to think about it some more.
Here is Bronze's attraction list. Look, the gardner made the top ten.

Bronze? Where did the guy go?
Don't know. I thought I was supppose to think about it. So I'm thinking.
Why don't you just go get to know him better. Then you'll know if he's the one.

BRONZE! I didn't mean for you to get to know him THAT well.
But how else will I know if he's the one for me?

So, you went to college?
Yes random townie dude I did. Now I'm back and ready to have some fun.
You didn't have fun in college?
Nope, SHE wouldn't let us.
You know a person could get a complex around here.
DAD! You're cheating.
Wha? Me?
Yeah you. You're cheating. I can't believe this. I can't believe you would cheat at a GAME against your own daughter.
Go easy Bisque. William is a little delicate since Aqua passed on.
Maybe. *grumbles* Can't believe you cheated.
Bronze fills up her lifetime aspiration page mear steps into adulthood. Thus we find the downfall to wishing for peace of mind as a child. The bordom factor can hit you hard later.

William? William?
In a minute. I'm almost to the end of the level.
Way to go Bisque. You got us the business career reward.
Yeah. I'm trying to find a college job track opening but there just aren't any.
It's ok. Just keep looking. Eventually something is bound to turn up.
Bisque takes her go at the wishing well. Her LTW as you will recall is 20 loves. Since no one else is using the wishing well I figured Bisque could.

Umm Bisque? Your LTW is to have 20 LOVES. You don't have to actuall woohoo all of them.
Yeah but my way is more fun.
Ok. Carry on. Just don't do anything stupid ok.

I have force Bronze to start calling the other guys she's attracted to since she didn't like the guy from the wishing wel. At least she's got higher wages out of the whole deal. May never get a husband at this rate. Stubbern sims.

Aw. Poor William. Now he's turned to comfort food. He's a lonely little warlock werewolf since his Aqua passed on. He just wanders the house and grounds and looks all sad and lonely. *sigh* Now I'm bumming myself out. Wonder if there's any chocolate in the house?

Tell me you didn't. Please tell me you did not get yourself knocked up with risky woohoo when you CAN'T BE THE HEIRESS!!!!
Ug. Not now. Going to be sick.

Ok Bronze. This is it. I called over your top two attractions. You ARE going to marry one of them and produce generation three. Now choose woman. Lest I be forced to choose for you.

I can only have one?

Oh lord you're going to try him out aren't you.
*closes eyes and walks away*

Oh lord. *closes eyes and backs away*
You changed fields. Now we have the culinary reward.
Out of my way. My stomache. Is it something I ate?
Afraid not dear. You've been struck with risky woohoo. Once can only wonder what color the baby will be.

Bronze? Another one. You can't start with another one. I gave you TWO to chose from. Which one will it be.
But I like this one too. Oh and that guy I met yesterday was nice. And the gardner is cute. And...
And nothing. TWO to choose from. *sigh* Ok. I'm going to give you a little more time to come to a decision but the MOMENT I come back into this lot you will name just one guy and he will be the one you marry and have babies with. Got it.
If I must.
Yes you must.

So join us back next time where Bronze will chose her spouse and Bisque will have her baby. Fingers crossed it's just one. She was a natural twin after all.


Ndayeni said...

Great post as always :) So sad to see Aqua go though. Hopefully Bronze will cooperate with you and pick a man to have babies with.

Jenni said...

I say she should go for the blonde one! He's cute. :-D And I loved her makeover!! Very pretty

Taylor Ridge said...

Great update as usual. Very entertaining writing style. Love the character of Bronze.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Oh, poor William! :( Nothing sadder than the widow left behind.

ruby said...

aw bye Aqua ... and oh golly she just missed Bronze's transition!
I love her make over. she looks great
LOL I love Bronze, she slays.
Oops, Bisque! Thats the risk you take when ya mess around. who is da daddy baby?
I wonder who Bronze will pick.