Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Legacy - The Shade's

Do you ever just get restless. You have several simming projects underway but all you can think about is starting something new? Well I do. It's a decease I think. I told myself that I was going to get Finality Springs updated through the end of season 5 by the end of March. Instead I went web surfing. I've always wanted to make clean neighborhoods but it seemed so hard to do. Turns out it's not that hard at all if you can 1) find the instructions and 2) follow them without getting frustrated. Then while reading someone elses blog I found out about face templates. I downloaded a set, not knowing what exactly would happen but of course I just had to give it a try. And thus Fruitandale Island was born.

I'm not sure I'm keeping the face templates. Might try another set. Might ditch them entirely. But I have my island and I wanted to play around with it. What better way than a legacy?

Welcome to the Shade Legacy

This is our founder Aqua Shade and she is the sim me. Now I'm not very good with building (sims or houses) but this is my sim representation of me. Now anyone who knows me will tell you that the hair is all wrong. The color is good but I have curly hair. It's longer than Aqua's and curls and curls and annoys and annoys. No amount of beauty products could make my hair look like this. But I like this hair on her so I went with it. That and we all know there are not good curly hair options for the sims. I also fudged a little on the eye and ear shape but otherwise I'm thinking it's not half bad. I'm going to send my sister a link to this and see what she thinks. Can't wait. My sister is just a little opinionated. In a good way. -Love ya sis-

Here is a beautiful picture of the Shade family plot. Also I might want to mention here that I have downloaded a free image grabbing software and I'm just now trying it out. I have no clue what I'm doing so bear with me.

Other points of interest, Shade a family name. My grandfather, nephew and several second cousins all have the middle name of Shade on my mother's side of the family. My family on that side is greatly Native American and my great-grandmother was Cherokee. The name came from her family. Apparently someone was born under a shade tree at some point.

But on with the legacy. This is a casual legacy. No point will be kept. The basic rules will be followed. I started extreme with the 5x5 lot and the one week before taking a mate. Wasn't sure I'd do the one week thing but in the end I did.

If you're looking for intense plot lines, great story telling and thrilling cliff hangers - you're at the wrong legacy. But otherwise...

Aqua Shade is a knowledge sim. It was either that or family and to be honest while I was waiting for her lot to load I was debating which one I went with. But knowledge it is.

Aqua is a cancer, not unlike myself. I actually tried to fill this out with myself in mind. Not sure I nailed it but I think it's close enough. Also I left Aqua's fitness alone but if you were to talk to my doctor he'd tell you I need to lose at least 40 pounds so I probably wouldn't fall in this category at all.

And finally, Aqua dreams of becoming a Mad Scientist. Um, yeah. So not me. I think science is neat but I wouldn't want to do it for a living or even fun. I'm an accountant by trade. It's a boring job that I excel at. Know and embrace your strengths, that's what I always say. Or I would. If I talked much. Which I don't. Well sometimes. Or if I really know someone. Well anyway, not your typical introduction but this legacy is what it is. I'm just not sure what it is yet.

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ruby said...

Enjoyed the one update I read figured I'm going to read 'em all.
If you're looking for intense plot lines, great story telling and thrilling cliff hangers - you're at the wrong legacy.
Too funny!

And I thoroughly enjoyed your introduction