Friday, March 20, 2009

Shade 1.9 - Growing Up Shady

We are back at the Shade Legacy and it's birthday time.

Our first birthday girl is little Bisque Shade. Bisque is the oldest of William's alien twin daughters.

Bisque would be a constantly playing if only she wasn't so lazy.

Let's give her some smart milk and see if a kid this lazy can be taught to walk.

While William works with Bisque, the nanny is bathing Black. I hate that he's wasting his glow time but on the other hand mom and dad don't have to bathe him and that's a good thing.
While Bisque rest, William helps Burgundy with her birthday. Awww. Isn't she cute.

Ouch. But not neat or nice. She got all of her twins active though. Wow that's just. Wow.

Downside to the nanny bathing Black, she broke the tub. But never fear, Aqua the werewolf witch shall fix that right up. And without magic too.

Alien babies are just so darn cute.

And little Black is handsome as ever. If if wasn't going to use all heiresses, then I'd make Black the family heir. A spy in training would make a great heir.

Another downloaded townie. Can't wait to get this skin in the Shade family.

Oh Blue. What are we going to do with you? I'm downloading a hack to fix this tonight. It's that or kill all my sims and I'm trying to cut back on that. I'm on a 12 step program and everything.

Parent & child bonding moment. Just so darn sweet it's sickening.

Traffic jam in the nursery. Ok this picture is really just here to prove that all the little ones are still alive and kicking. And screaming. And yelling. And doing what little toddlers tend to do.

Since Blue is now a teen I sent him out to the wishing well hoping to find him a nice teen girl to date. He got an adult. Now this is the only thing I don't like about ACR. Even in the neighborhoods where I have ACR turned off I still have this problem. But on the other hand, Blue has found a potential future mate.

More birthdays. Our heiress Bronze become a child. I really wish she'd develop some personality.

What's personality?
Something you don't have much of right now. You have middle child syndrome.


It means you blend in with the woodwork.

Unlike your brother Black who is determined to grow up into a slick super spy.

Spys are cool!

And he talks in bold print. He would make the perfect heir. Decisions, decisions.

Blue cooks food for his siblings and the random townies gobble it down. At least someone is feeding the kids. William and Aqua never bother. Right now they are on a learning kick. They are knowledge sims after all so I'm let them skill. Keeps them out of my hair while I deal with the other four toddlers.

Black gets a makeover. I went with the new curly look. It looks suave and debonair. Perfect for the young budding junior spy.

This is my incognito look. It will work great with my tux.

Time to pay attention to the plant babies. More birthdays just around the corner.

Blue tries the wishing well again with the same results. Where are all the teen girls? Blue has brought nobody home from school with him. Any other neighborhood and I'd be swamped with teens want to be fed or knocking over the trash can.

You're doing great son.

Thanks dad. But I don't think it's quite right. I need to be able to forge your signature perfectly if I want to succeed in this world.

Aqua's plantsim daughter Brass Shade becomes an adult.

Obviously she's all about family. Maybe I'll even let her have one someday. Just not in this lot.

Darn it Blue. I turn my head for just one second and you lose your virginity. I hope she's gong to marry you someday.

Williams plantsim son Brick Shade becomes an adult. His wants are a bit different.

And I wish him all the best of luck in fulfilling them. Just not in this house.

Remember when we got the lamp. Well we still hadn't used it so I let Bronze wish for peace of mind. Then I wished I didn't because she'd be to easy to play. Then I was glad I did because she would be easy. Then I said oh well what's done is done. And notice my would be heiress is no where in the picture? What am I going to do with that girl?

Brass tries the wishing well to snag herself a husband. Instead she gets beaten with a purse. Well that sucks.

And that lead to this. Now we've all wanted to kill the old bat from time to time but this is the first time I remember anyone wanting to see her ghost.

Well that ends another amazing chapter in the Shade Legacy. Maybe next time won't be so boring.


Jenni said...

Haha!! That is definitely the first time I've ever seen a sim want to see her ghost. That's great lol!! Everyone's adorable, especially Black!

I love reading this... Keep up the good work!

ASimWen said...

Hahaha! "Thanks dad. But I don't think it's quite right. I need to be able to forge your signature perfectly if I want to succeed in this world." LOL Black sure is brazen.

Blue Blue Blue... tsk tsk....

ruby said...

aw Blue keeps finding the wrong women... lets hope for a teen some where!
Blue! *snickers* you go boy!
omg Crumplebottom!? Too funny!!