Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Death by Disease - A How To Guide

Meet the Lucky Family. Twins Un and Very have just moved to Veronaville. They are both romantic cancers with 5 neat, 5 outgoing, 5 active, 5 playful & 5 nice.

Monday Morning - Move In Day: Un Lucky calls for a cab. Very Lucky stays home.

Upon arriving at the spa (one of my favorite hangouts), Un Lucky spends some time learning to cook. He burns several batches of hot dogs before he gets a good one. But does he throw out the burnt hot dogs? Of course not. He will save those for later.

Un Lucky wants to earn some aspiration points. About 5000 seems right. So he strikes up a conversation with Demi Love. Soon he's flirting away and even manages to get her to go out with him.

Later that evening, Un Lucky treats his date to some nice 'ripe' hot dogs. Upon biting into just his second plate full, Un Lucky starts feeling a little funky. Poor guy has food poisoning. Yes, this is what happens when you eat green food.

(Tip: Don't let them eat the entire plate. If they are going to get food poisoning it will happen pretty quickly. Just let them have a few bites then cancel out of it. Move on to another yummy plate of green food. Also, be careful when doing this in neighborhoods with a lot of sims you are playing. You might wind up with a food poisoning epidemic.)

Monday Morning, 9:04 am: Un Lucky arrives home from the spa. He's nice and refreshed. His aspiration level is gold. His bars are all nice and full.

Un Lucky doesn't have quite enough aspiration points. Luckily he longs to earn a charisma point. This puts Un Lucky past his goal of 5000 aspiration points.

And why did he want 5000 aspiration points you may ask. Well he wants to buy himself this really goofy hat. Yes, Un Lucky is in gold so this hat won't lay him out on the floor like it would if he were green. But it doesn't matter. This hat is a killer. If you wear it for to long, your sims will slowly fade away. Now you can do this without the head gear if you want but it will take much longer.

Poor Un Lucky. He is starting to feel the effects of his food poisoning. Since his sister hasn't yet bought a toilet, Un Lucky just lets loose on the grass.

Monday, 12:51 pm: Un Lucky goes into solitary confinement. He has a nice little home with a nice little frig. What else could a man want?

Monday 1:55 pm: Un Lucky passes out for the first time. His evil controller quickly gets him back on his feet. No sleeping on the job around here. Time to eat again. Don't want you dying of starvation.

Monday 2:52 pm: Un Lucky has his first accident. Controller starts to feel sort of sorry for him but then remembers that this for an educational documentary so she continues.

Monday 6:18 pm: Un Lucky is starting to see the big picture. Cans are beginning to litter the enclosure. Things are getting ugly.

Monday 9:26 pm: Un Lucky removes happy hat to prevent early death due to starvation. Yes you have to watch using the hat. It speeds up the process but if you aren't careful you wind up with the wrong colored ghost. Controller then stops and cleans up the enclosure. To many cans are making it hard for him to move about. Just set them out side the enclosure and then continue. Someone else can clean them up later.

Poor Un Lucky. Controller feels twinges of guilt but continues anyway. At this point we have gotten into a rhythm. Eat, pass out, get up, repeat. Very lucky sleeps peacefully in the background.

Tuesday 2:17 am: DEATH comes for Un Lucky. He shakes his head and sighs. The things these controllers will do.

Tuesday 2:40 am: Un Lucky goes off to be in a better place.

Tuesday 3:23 am: Very Lucky sheds tears over the loss of her twin brother. Why? Why were the fates so cruel?

Friday 9:20 pm: Un Lucky makes his first ghostly appearance. Controller eventually moved his grave about because she was getting tired of waiting. Twin sister has had time to get a few nice arrangements of flowers to put near her dear brothers grave.

Un Lucky feels as though he's been cheated. Here he is a ghost but sister ordering men from the gypsy. Why didn't SHE get sent downtown. It's just not fair.

Un Lucky reenacts his death in hope of making his controller feel guilty. Won't work buddy. Controller is heartless. Well, sometimes she is.

Hey. Pay attention over there. Stop grabbing his ass and notice me. I died so that you could live. The least you can do is give me five minutes of your time.

Fine. Be that way. Then I'll just haunt you until you turn old and grey.

Here ends the story of Un Lucky. May his death provide a valuable lesson of what NOT to do you your simmies. Unless of course your mean, cruel, playing legacy and need that extra ghost point.


Anjel76 said...

How very well put together! Bravo! You did a wonderful job! I must file this information away for future use. I-I-I mean .... uhhh ... in case someone asks!

Oydiegirl said...

O thank you! Now I know how not to get a green ghost, my simmies are safe! *mwahahahaha*

PRMami said...

This was great, I never was able to get that ghost but when I want to I'll have an idea on how to go about it. :)

Smirnoff said...

Awesome job!! :0)
I was about to ask how you get the Green ghost...Very cool!!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm... I might have to do that, as my Legacy family has mysteriously gotten an inexplicable graveyard on their lot... (stupid townie fell for the cake on the tongue trick and silly controller didn't realize that putting a gate on the fence would let them get at the cow plant *snicker*)

Annette said...

Too funny! :-)

ruby said...

oooooo i'm glad i found this!