Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shade 2.4 - Behold!

And we're back with another exciting addition of the Shade Legacy.

Last time: Bronze gave birth to daughter number two and got knocked up with kid number three, Ewan became a criminal mastermind and refuses to stop knocking up his wife, Brown worked hard and stuff, Bisque continued her romancing ways, Chance grew into a child, Coral grew into a child and baby Crimson was born.

Now, back to our show.

Our beautiful potential heiress sleeps peacefully giving me a break from her upbringing and her attitude.

It is a beautiful day outside. No?
Yes it is. It's finally stopped raining and it's suppose to be in the mid-eighties today. Way to freak'n warm for April but it beats the rain.
True true. When I finish with the harvest, what other tasks have you for me. You are trying to keep me busy, no?
Yes. I admit it. I am trying to keep you busy but also there is a lot of work around this estate that needs to be done so all of you adults are just going to have to chip in and do it.

Darn. Another chance card. I've had a lot of bad luck with this one. Ok. You're a romancer. Run naked.
Do I have to? What if Zeus gets turned on? Oh wait. That would be.... Running naked.

Well that turned out well.
Not really. Zeus didn't even notice.
Sorry. Better luck next time, and darn we have a lot of blinking blue stuff to fix all the sudden. First Ewen's teeth and now your glasses.
100k. Congrats Brown.
Thanks but this is only the beginning. You can never have to much cash you know.

Well I know that a fortune sim like you would believe it. I'm thinking the family can pretty much coast from here on out.

Ok. Let's see. You have a bunch of nice points unlike your twin sister. I think we should play nice.

See. That worked out well.

Not feeling so good? Poor Bronze. Maybe you shouldn't have let your husband knock you up again.
Could you please be nice. I'm only doing what you told me to. I'm going forth and making baby girls.
One baby girl. I wanted one baby girl. Not an entire house full of them.
No you're not.
No I'm not. I'm pregnant and sick. *cries* Why are you being so mean to me?
No you're not.
Just go into the house and get rid of the flashing blue glasses ok.
Blue's son Casmir comes home from school with Coral. I swear that whole group got their moma's chin or lack there of.

Bisque you got promoted.
Just earning back what you lost me on last weeks chance card.
Awwww. A rare motherly moment. I'm touched.

Sorry gentlemen. I can't service your needs until after I teach my son to study.
Errrrk! Did you see how close I got to that mailbox. I just installed new brakes on this thing. It stops on a dime now. No more tree limbs in the gut for me.

Come on Casmir. Time to go home son.
Awwww dad. Can't I stay. They have cool stuff that we don't have.
They also have tons of adults to earn the cash to pay for that cool stuff. Not like my house where I have to do EVERYTHING and earn the cash too.
Blue's having an ISBI moment. We'll just let him be.
William. Great to see you.

So that was my grandfather William? Good to know. Now if I can just get my heart rate back to normal. Just give me a moment.
You know Coral, if you are allowed to be heiress...
I AM the heiress!
Then you will have to get use to seeing the ghosts of relatives past. Their will only be more of them in the future. Your mom and dad scaring you silly at the absolute worst moments. You could abdicate the heirship to your sister...
It was just a thought.
Dad, why doesn't she want me to be the heiress?
Aw sweets, I don't think that is it at all. No. I think she simply plans to keep her options open. It is always a wise move, no?
No dad. When you tell someone they are the heiress you aught to stick behind it no matter how many baby sisters your parents force on you.

So you finished your mothering stuff?
Yeah baby. I'm all yours. Oh and that other guys. Oh but right this minute I'm all yours. Nothing could tear me away from you. At least not until I've had my naughty way with you.

Um, help?
Ewww. The aliens are back.

Better you than me, no?
Yes. I think so.
Who asked you? You sent me out here. You wanted this to happen.
Who? Me?

Oh baby. I think your brother just got abducted by aliens.
Aliens? My long lost daddy? Oh I hope my daddy doesn't impregnate Brown. That could be really awkward.

Get your hands off my little girl. If you want her than you can marry her otherwise just KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF.
Bronze? Brown just got abducted from aliens and all you can think about is woohoo?
But Ewan does it so well.
Ouch. This grass isn't very soft.

He he he. Brown got abducted. You know what that means. He's going to have an alien baby.
Alien baby? Brown will birth an alien child? That is no right. It is wrong. So very very wrong. And you had me outside at the telescope too. No. I can hear no more. No more. You hear me. No?

Oh Brown. My other daddy din't impreginate you did he? Oh please don't hate me because of what my other daddy did to you.
I do no wish to hear this. Can you no make them stop? Tis unnatural, no?

No. Not around here.

I hope you're happy. You did this on purpose. I know you did.
Who me? It could have been Ewan. I wasn't targeting you per say. I was just trying to keep you guys occupied. Honest.

Hump. Why don't I believe you?
*whispers* Because you know me.
Nothing. Nothing to see here. Everyone carry on with their lives.
It's ok Brown. You will just have my other daddy's baby.
But I don't want to have a baby Bisque. Especially not THAT way.
Oh my lovely Bronze, I am so glad that you are the vessel in which my seed is grown.

Darn. I think Ewan may have been tramatized.
Wel well well. If it isn't Mr I Couldn't Be Bothered to Answer My Phone and Become Father to Generation Three.

So. You were the compitition? Well it is to late for you now. Bronze is mine. The legacy is now mine. You will leave and no come back.
No. I just got here.
No? NO! See here, I am the father of generation three. ME, Ewan Michaels Shade. You must leave now. There can be only one. No?
I see. Is it to early to apply for the position of father of generation four?
Geneartion.... Are you asking for permission to be with my daughter. No. NO NO NO! Off with you. You leave now or you will disappear and no be seen again. I head the criminal element in Fruitandale Island. I will crush you and your body will no see the light of day again. *coughs* You do understand me. No?
Yeah. So I'm out for father to generation four. Can I sign up for father of genration five?

Blue's other son Carvel makes a trip home with the kids. I think he actually got his dads jaw but his mothers lack of nose.

Yumm. Our first look at Ewan in his crimnal mastermind finery.
It is a masterful suite. No?

Coral put that down. We have to get read for the party.
Party? What party? You never throw parties.
I know but I thought this would be a good time to get the whole gang together.

Humm. I can invite Boggie. Wonder if he would come? I didn't invite him but now I'm wishing I did just to see if he would have showed.

Instead I invited the whole gang. Look. It's Burgundy, Black and Blue. Hi guys. I've missed you.

So Black. Where have you been?
Yeah. What have you been up to?
Well nothing actually. I was in an empty house with just a phone but then I suddenly found myself back in the family bin. You know it's not a very nice place to be.
Maggie joins the celebration. I hope she plays nice tonight.
Nice? Why would I play nice? I don't have any nice points.
True. And you have a bad reputation. Oh well. Have fun anyway.
It's Brick the long lost plant sim and Christof Blue's eldest son.

Better pic of Chrisoff and Brass another long lost plant sim.

Ewan couldn't make the party. He was to busy capturing a superhero.
A criminal mastermind's job is never done. No?

Ewww. I guess not. Well maybe you can take a break now that you've run that goodie goodie out of town.
Ewww. Werewolf time. I sort of miss the werewolves in the legacy. But then again I sort of don't.

And what is this party all about you ask. Well it's Crimson's birthday. Gather around people. Behold the birthday cake. Now I know none of you have ever actually seen one of these before since I can never be bothered with buying them. But if you had a different controller running this legacy (which you don't) you would be seeing these at every birthday celebration.
*all together* WOW!
It even has candles.
Why didn't I get a cake on my birthday? I'm the heiress not HER. I should be getting the special stuff. Me. ME. ME!
It's not fair. It's not right. I don't like it. I won't like her either.

Awww. Isn't she just so cute. Behold Crimson Shade, toddler and potential heiress.
Hum. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Bisque crashes the party with news of yet another promotion. You've reached the top of the music field. Congrats.
I did it. I'm a rock goddess. The men will worship me now.
Oh look. Even the demon dog made it to the party. Hey Demon Dog.

Doesn't seem like he's the talkative type.

The authorities are here. Have they discovered that it was I who kidnapped their Captain Hero? No. It can no be. I shall play it calm. I am just an average husband coming home from a late meeting.
You don't look average. Especially not in that getup.
If I quietly walk away they may no ask questions of me.

Humm. There is something odd about this guy.
It was that kid Carvel, no? He is the one who told the authorities about me. I must take him out.
Humph. Very well. I shall let you deal with the miscreant.
While I slip away quietly. I will walk around the block, steal some clothing and arive home on foot later. It is a brilliant plan. No?
Brilliant but unnecessary. I don't think he's here for you Ewan.
No. I think your wife and her siblings just made to much racket. They must have violated a noise ordinance or something.
Humm. They are not here for me? They are not here to recognize my brilliance and daring? How can they not be here for me. I excited a darkened limo that was seen pulling away from the crime scene and was wearing my evil overlord outfit. These police are dumb. No?
It would seem so.
Well I think we will pause here as the excitement of the night was just to much for some of us. Back next time for more birthdays and general you know...stuff.


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

You're right, Ewan makes a very cool Evil Mastermind!

Jenni said...

Aliens? My long lost daddy? Oh I hope my daddy doesn't impregnate Brown. That could be really awkward.

HAHAHAH!! I loved it!!

ruby said...

grats on the great chance card!
ugh, I hate when things blink blue. the bat box can fix those usually.
*giggles* I cant help it. I love Coral. Attitude and all
*cheers* Yay, Brown! *dances* Brown is gonna have a baby, Brown is gonna have a baby!
LOL Oh man that Joseph asking to be in Gen 4 or 5 was funny
Ewan, you're something else, yes? Yes. *laughs*