Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shade 2.3 - It's a girl! Or two.

And were back. I know, that was quick right?

I just remembered that we haven't bothered to use the genie lamp yet. Any ideas Brown?

Humm. I'm thinking cash. Bring it on genie baby. I want more money.

Greedy fortune sim. Bags of cash help push Brown over the 50k mark.

Chance card. Let's see. Look-out. Then you can run if things go bad.
Go bad. I am to much of a profession for that. No?

Apparently so. Promotion. Yeah Ewan.
Twas nothing. Natural charm and ability. No?

Time flies when your having fun and soon Chance becomes a toddler. He looks a bit possessed in this pic but he is normally cute.

See. I told ya. Cute. Ok. Freaky but in a cute sort of way.

And I like his stats. Nice and neat but not to lazy or to shy. Perfection.

The newest cat burglar is home from work. It's amazing how you manage to stuff all that hair into that little bitty cap.
Is a gift. No?
GHOST SITEING! It's Aqua. Hi Aqua. I've missed you.

Dang. It almost got me.
Those bags still falling from the sky?
Yeah. I used more than one wish. The rest of them didn't need any wishes.
I doubt they would agree.
HELP! Ghost. Ghost.
You had best have a girl or I'll be back and next time you'll do more than pee your panties.

Oh my. The baby comes, no?
YES! It's coming. It's coming.
Poor Bronze. She's had a full night.
It's a girl. I can't believe you actually had a girl on the first try.
Why not. Ewan promised.
Some things even Ewan can't deliver.
But I did, no?
And our current generation three heiress is Coral Shade. After last generation I can't believe things went this easily.

Coral has her grandma Aqua's custom green eyes and skin tone. She's a doll. Well that's it. Generation three is complete.
We don't need extras. I'll just take special care of her. Trust me. We're good.

I did it. I made a daughter. I am The Man, no?

Brown finally finds a job in the Entertainment field. Looks like he might get to fulfill his lifetime want after all.

The generation two portraits are complete. Brown did Bronze and Bisque did Ewan. Ok that sounds naught and I didn't mean it to.

And look who's completed her own lifetime want. Way to go Bronze.
Thanks. It was hard work. But now I don't have to work anymore. Right?
Well I wouldn't say that. You still go to work you just won't get more promotions.
Oh. Ok. Where is Ewan?
Not sure. Around here somewhere I guess.
Well, Ewan is getting really good at his life of crime.
I am talented, no?
To here Bronze talk you are.

Cute toddler pic. It is so hard to take a good toddler pic with them as low to the ground as they are.

Eww. More chance cards. Lauder it dude. Lauder it.
Ewwww. Yikes. We had both better hide from Brown for a little while. He won't take this well.

Bisque finishes up her lifetime aspiration benefits.

Brown is trying to grow the family fortune back with smart investing.

And just like that, Coral becomes a toddler.
She's growing so fast.
Kids do tend to do that.

Coral is a cancer like her grandma Aqua with half decent stats.

More cute toddler pics. Isn't she just a doll. I mean seriously. Doesn't she look like she's wearing a doll outfit? No?

Well you did it Brown. You completed your lifetime want.
I know. It was easy. Now what do I do?
Oh, I don't know. We'll think of something.
Wait? When did this happen? I didn't hear a lulaby. What in the name of ACR did you do while I was letting the dog out?

Oh. Ewan is the dad. Well that's ok then. I didn't want any extras but one spare will be ok.

Man. Morning sickness is bad this time huh?
Bad. Feel sick. Could you make Brown come clean the toliet for me?
While Chance draws another picture, Coral eats a block. Should I be worried? This pic reminds me of her mother as a child.

But maybe I have nothing to worry about. Ewan seems to be pretty intellegent. He's taking over the crimal world pretty effectively.
But of course.
Random toddler potty chair shot.
Bad lady. Go way.
Going. I'll just give you some privacy.
Chance. You've gotten bigger.
Yeah. I had a birthday. Not that anyone much noticed.
I'm sorry. I kind of forgot you in all the chaos. I won't happen again.
Sure. Whatever.
In the hopes of finding Brown something 'safe' to do, I sent him to the wishing well. Several times I sent him to the wishing well. He's straight and everything but he just doesn't seem to be into women. Maybe if I had them paint themselves green and wear a bikini made out of hundred dollar bills. Then maybe I could get more than one bolt out of him.

Brown wraps up his lifetime aspiration benefits. His sister seemed to have rubbed off on him as he rolled pleasure for a secondary aspiration just like BOTH of them.

So. Your my dad huh?
I guess. It's what they tell me.

So will I get all blue and freaky when I grow up?
Freaky? Um, yeah I guess. If you're really mine.
She wouldn't lie about it.
Bisque didn't tell me she was pregnant. Why wouldn't she lie about it.
Oh not Bisque. Her. The Almighty Great One. She says you're Chance's dad and she wouldn't lie.
Who? Never mind. I don't want to know.
Yuck. I don't like the hobby cards. Ok. Wear it to work. Get into the spirit of the holiday.

Darn it. This is why I don't like the hobby cards. Why should she be demoted because of a stupid hobby card. *grumbles*

Well at least someone got a raise. Ewan, you're a crimnal mastermind.
It was destiny. No?

I suppose so. Darn it. Now both you and Bronze won't have any skilling to do. How am I going to keep you two from going at it like rabbits now?
What say you? You seek to keep my from my Bronze? To hold back a husband and wife. This is wrong. No?
NO! Not with you knocking her up when I turn my back for two seconds. No worries. I'll think of something.
So. What are you up to?
Just spying on Blue and his wife Maggie. Their house is nuts. He can't control anyone over there. It's chaos. They should make a tv show out of it.
Umm. No. Don't even think it. There is a limit to how much blogging I can do and I'm already at it.

Bisque. What are YOU up to?
Playing with this cat. Can I adopt him?
NO! Umm, what I mean is not right now. Maybe when the kids are older, or something.
Speaking of older, Coral has a birthday. Our potential heiress is now a child.
Potential? What do you mean potential? I AM the heiress. You said so yourself.
Well that was before your parents decided to have another baby. It could be a girl you know and if it is then I get to chose between you.
No way. I AM the heiress. Me. CORAL SHADE! Don't go and be thinking about replacing me. I WON'T BE REPLACED!
Damn. Generatin three has anger issues.
Baby time. For the kids sake I'm hoping it's a boy. Otherwise things could get ugly.

It's a girl. I'll name her Crimson.
NO. NO NO NO NO. Send her back! I don't want no sister.
Well. Things just got interesting.
NO! Tell me I didn't just hear what I thought I heard. NO NO NO NO NO! I don't want any more BABIES! Did you two not get the memo.
Wha? We were just having a little fun.
I am just studly, no? I make a the babies without even trying.

Gawd. I've lost control again.

Oh William. You've come back to help me rein the rest of them in.
Nope. Just floating through. You're on your own.

And here we leave the Shade Legacy house. Join us next time and watch me try unsucessfully to keep the population down.
(On a side note - I have some pics from Blue's house but they won't be put up today. Blogger is getting on my last freakn nerve. I swear it's fighting ever little thing I want to do. Maybe next week.)


Jenni said...

I love Coral already!! She's amazing!! lol!! And adorable... Can't wait to see what Crimson looks like, but for now, my vote is on Coral for heiress!! Can you imagine her with babies?? Especially with the way ACR is treating you lately lol!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow, Chance was a scary looking toddler! He grew into his looks though, not so scary as a kid. He just doesn't look like he should have 8 nice points, does he? LOL

jamielee said...

coral is just so pretty. but sounds like she is going to give you some trouble. i can't wait.

ruby said...

Chance is spotty and cute in an possessed kind of way
I dunno .. I think Coral should work for the title, because it will be fun to watch.