Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shade 2.5 - Battle of the Heiress

We're back. Ello there my little baby girl. You will beautiful as your mother. No?

How do you know that it's another girl?

Because Ewan says so. He has the gift.

Making the daughters is a gift. No?

Humm. I suppose.

Why do I have to do all the cleanup work from this party and Ewan doesn't?
Because I am her favorite. No?
No. Because.... Because I said so and I am in control here despite what you guys think.

Oh. Poor Brown.
Your fault. All your fault.

Sweet. I have an admirer. No?
No. I think that's probably for Bisque. Or maybe Brown. I don't know who it's for but I know it's not for you. You have been to faithful despite your romancing ways.

*grumbles* Why do I have to be the one to spray the plants? Why can't Ewan do it? Or Brown?
I am her favorite. I told you this. You should listen. No?
Because Brown is with child and Ewan.... Because I said so that's why. Now carry on. We have a lot of vegetables to get to harvest.

Don't know why we had to do more vegetables this year. We have plenty from last year.
Because I said so darn it. Pull those weeks silently or you will all be sorry.
Wow. Such pretty numbers. The accountant in my drools and wishes it were mine.

While the adults work, I thought I'd let the kids play.
I think I'm gonna barf.
Look what I can do. Not just anyone can do this. Only a true heiress could do this.

Yeah yeah. You want to be heiress. I got you the first time.

Wow. You can see Casmir's house from up here.

Blue? What are you doing?
Drop the paper right now you werewolf paper thief. Brother or no brother I'll kick your butt for stealing our paper.
Umm, Brown. To many pregnancy hormones?
Your fault. All your fault.
I suppose you want to blame this on me too even though I didn't tell you to woohoo Ewan.
It's a girl. Isn't she beautiful?
Well I'll be damned. Three girls in one generation. Why am I already dreading the next generation. I'll probably have all boys.
Awww. She got Aqua's eyes too.

Bisque, don't you want to come.... Oh. *coughs* Never mind.

My hair. What did you do to me? The men won't want me like this.
You are just a witch plantsim. No biggy. And the men will still want you. They're men. Nough said.

Just wait. She'll be having you drop a plantsim baby before you know it.
No I.... I probably.... Never mind.
Brown you sure are filling out nicely.
Your fault.
You are going to have to get past your anger.
Your fault.
*sigh* Yes it's all my fault. I am terribly sorry to have inconvenienced you and made you get paid maternity leave while you were at home earning even more cash during your time off. How very terrible to make a fortune sim like you earn cash for doing nothing.
When are you going to turn me back?
You are going to turn me back, right?
Well. It's not the end of the season yet. I still need someone to spray the plants.
But then after the harvest, you are going to turn me back. Right?
Ummm...... maybe.
Chance what are you up to?
Just chillin.
In the lie detector chair?
Yeah. Uncle Black gave me some great tips about lying without getting caught. And Uncle Ewan gave me more tips about how to beat the chair. I'm just preparing for my future.
So you're going to be a spy or a criminal?
Na. I'm just going to lie about stuff. You know, to make life easier.
Chance, I'm starting to worry about you. I really am.
Worry about me. I'm the one having the alien spawn.
Baby. Brown it's a baby not a spawn.

Whatever it is GET IT OUT OF ME!

There. All better. Brown you had a girl. We'll name her Chartreuse. Darn I'm starting to run low on C names.

And look, Bisque's other daddy DID impregnate poor Brown. Chartruese is Bisque's niece/sister. What a messed up family tree.

Ow. That hat so does not match your rock and roll finery. I wish they would let the plant sims have normal hair. Anyone know of a hack for that? Anyone?

Time for another birthday. No cake this time. Cyan grows into a pretty little toddler. And it looks like I have an entire generation of cancers this go round so personality won't be much of a factor in choosing the heiress.
Also having a birthday today is little Crimson. This is the moment that I realized that Crimson is alien green not William custom skin green. Apparently Ewan had reason to be tramatized. He really does have an alien somewhere in his dna.

So. Do I get to be the heiress?
But I would be a good heiress. I'm sure I would.
I AM THE HEIRESS! ME! ME ME ME ME! NOT YOU. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also having a birthday today is Chance.
Look. My hands are blue. Coooool.

Not cool. Pleasure? Really Chance. Couldn't you have been romance or something?

No. I want to be a pleasure seaking gamer.
Oh. Well that's ok then. Carry on.

Cute toddler pic. Is it me or does she look like she should be in another family. I mean really, who does she take after?
Aunt Bronze. What are you doing?
What she told me to do. Now just hold still. My aim isn't always good. Now how does that spell go again?
Wow. Wicked Cool!
Chance. Chance Shade. Warlock and Pleasure Sim Extrodinaire.
I rock!

I think you should step aside and let me be the heiress. I am not as agressive as you and I'd be a much better choice.


And if you step down then you could possibly live here with me and my husband and my kids. I wouldn't have to kick you out or anything.

That last pic got me wondering if Coral had inherited the pointy ears like Crimson did. So I checked and yes she did. Only Cyan got the boring old ordinary ears.

See. So your heiress WILL have pointy ears.
Yes, she will.
But I could be.

I'm glad I'm not the heir. I'm not sure that I want to stay here and take care of babies forever.
I'm not staying here am I. I'm going to college and then never coming back like Uncle Black right?
Aw man. I don't want to be in this mad house any more. Can't I go to college already?
Not yet. Maybe later.
Oh dang. That hurts. My poor little accountant heart feels awful heavy now.
Since giving birth, Brown has changed jobs and is now in the natural science field. How is that working for you Brown?
It's fine. Good money. That's all that matters.

Not your husband. Your husband has been faithful. And this guys dating your sister.
Crazy freakn ACR loven sims.

Chartreuse has a birthday and becomes a toddler. She definitely isn't a cancer.

Cute though. You know I seriously need to get a red head into the family next time. Sorry, stray thought flying through.

Dad, don't you think that I would make the better heiress?
Aw love, I think you would make a fine heiress. But so would your sister. No?
But I'd be better.
See. I'd be better.
FIRE! My daughters have driven me to distraction and I have set the house ablaze. Such an embarasment, no?
Man get out of the way. Professional coming through.

It's ok baby. The girls will grow up quickly now and we will be able to just kiss and kuddle until we pass on.
Wha? We are allowed to do more than cuddle. No?

All right Cyan, let me show you how to build your own tower. It is something every heiress needs to know.
Ha ha ha. I'm the heiress and your not. I'm the heiress and your not. I get the towers. ME! ME! Not YOU!
Block. *chews* Good block.

And we're heading up again. It's like a roller coaster. Up and down. Up and down.

Why am I doing this again?
Because you are a natural tinkerer and I can't get Bronze to stand still long enough to do it.
Oh. Ok.
Maybe we should go inside. We could have much fun. No?
But I want to stay outside and enjoy the sun. Couldn't we just do it here?
No. No hacks for that. Sorry. So, does anyone know if a satalite can fall from the sky and take them out while they are like this? I've been wasting time trying to find out but so for it's a no go. On the up side there have been no more babies so yeah.
And speaking of babies, Bronze's oldest is all grown up. Well practically.

Yes. Your future heiress will devote herself towards family. I'll have as many babies as it takes to you get you the future heiress I know you want.
Family. Your grandma was family. I was hoping for something different.
Oh well. It looks like I have a family sim witch.
No. Grandkids. Grandkids? No career? Don't want to carry on the oceanography thing?
No. I am going to be a great heiress. I am going to marry well. I'll have a daughter and she'll have a daughter. I'll get me six grandkids. You'll see. It will all work out for the best.
She doesn't have to let you be the heiress. I could be the heiress. I would make a great heiress.
Grrrr. For the last time, I AM THE HEIRESS.
Humm. We'll see.
Look! It's a falling satalite. No wait. Damn. Just another shooting star.
In case you're wondering, I have every adult in this house cloud watching and stargazing. So far it's a no go.

Well. I don't care what any of you say. I will be the heiress. So you don't like me aspiration. You don't like my LTW. Tough. I'm the heiress so deal with it.
You need to drop the attitude before I send you outside to watch the stars.
You won't do that. You need me. I am the only one who can carry on your legacy. My legacy. Our legacy. We're a team. You and me. We will see that the next generation comes into being.

Humm. You are maturing slightly. I might keep you around as the heiress but DON'T push me. I could still use your sister.
Crimson brought Casmir home with her from school. Unfortunately the school bus drove away before Casmir was finished getting off. Casmir is now the incredible floating boy.

Congrats Brown. Oh darn. That negative bonus is back. I just freakn fixed that. Darn M&G has wacked it out again. It doesn't have a patch does it. I wonder if I can load the AL patch twice?

Just a couple more birthdays this time. First up is Cyan who becomes a child. Say hi Cyan.
Hi Cyan.
Smart ass.
And finally come Chartreuse. She has very nice bone structure.
You're welcome.

Finally a couple of family tree shots. Not my best work but it will do for now. Wait. I'm not done. Darn. How many pictures did I load anyway. I'm ready to be finished. I have stuff to do. I mean other stuff. You know yard work and house work and stuff I don't really want to do.

Mom, I don't have to be the heiress do I?
Why wouldn't you want to be the heiress honey? I didn't want to be the heiress either but it turned out pretty good. I got your dad and he can do amazing things with his hands and I love being the heiress now.
But if I'm named the hieress, I think Coral might hurt me. Possibly even kill me.
Oh nonsence. Coral would never kill you just to be heiress. Would she?
Let's see. I found this new potion at Aunt Burgundy's . This should definitely take care of all my problems.

Poor Christof. He hung around the house to long and his Aunt Bronze zapped him. Have to keep the witchery alive and well.
No you didn't.
Yes I did. You are the heir of the ISBI legacy or whatever the heck it is I'm doing over that way.
Cute cat photos. This is the stray that Bisque wanted to adopt. I can't even remember the cats name but in a weak moment I let Bisque adopt him. Now I have no idea what I'm going to do with him.
Hello private school guy, I'm Coral and I'm the heiress here and I think you would be wise to let me into your private institution.
Really. What's in it for me?
Well I'm in the market for a husband. Have you ever considered joining a legacy?
Chance takes a job as a gamer and gets promoted.
Promotion are cool.
Umm, yeah.
Ok that is the fastest way to get yourself sent to the pound. I loose a thrown and your butt is toast.

Well that was close.
But I got us in. Only an heiress could do that.
I could have done it if I was a teen.
But now you can't because I've already done it so there.
Well I finished it. What now?
Now you get to rest. Let's sit him against the wall somewhere. I wanted him just in case but I'm not ready to activate him just yet.

It's my first day of private school. Don't I just look like an heiress?
Ha. You look like a dweeb.
Do not.
Do too.
Kids. I've officially had enough for this episode.

So we end on a much calmer note. Yummm.
Oh nothing. Just stand there for me. Yes. Just like that.

Well that's it for now. And wasn't that enough. Stay tuned for next time we shall get more teens and maybe even a college student or two or four.


Jenni said...

Okay, I gotta admit, Coral's hot... We'll just have to see what Crimson rolls for her aspiration.

Ndayeni said...

Coral grew up to be very gorgeous. And she does look like she'd make a very good heiress. Have to see what the others end up with though I guess. Good job :)

Anonymous said...

What a crazy crazy house. And I think Cyan is adorable.

ruby said...

aw poor Brown
hmm if I didnt know better, I'd say you're tryin to get Bisque changed to a plant sim.. nah...
*giggles* I love Brown.
*waves hi to Cyan*
*bounces* See? I told you! Plantsim Bisque!
Yay another girl *waves to Chartreuse
*blinks* now that is one odd family tree.. whew!
Crimson is cute .. just not heiress cute *giggles*
ooookay .. thats interesting skin ya got there Chance.
Chartreuse has some great stats .. shame she cant be heiress!
Coral grew up gorgeous.. eck another family sim
oh yum... there was other things I was gonna say but seeing Brown.. all other thoughts just poofed away.