Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shade 2.6 - In other news

At our ISBI house:

Is there anything sadder than a worrying werewolf alien? Well it is ISBI so I see this a lot.

Oh the joys of ISBI households. But eventually Blue's kids start to grow up.

Christof, the family heir, wanted to torture me by becoming a pleasure sim. I'd honestly rather have a anything else. All those 500 pt wants just drives me insane.

ACR struck again and the family added yet another son to the ranks. This is the youngest son Cyrus Shade. I'm happy to report that Maggie's third pregnancy was indeed her last.

The twins grew up and bless their hearts they didn't go pleasure.

The twins are each their own man with one being turned on by fitness while the other is turned on by fat.

Maggie manages to top the athletics career due to networking. I'm so glad that her boss has so many cousins running around town. I'm also glad she didn't attack any of them until after they promised her the promotions.
Poor Maggie. She's had a hard life as Blue's uncontrolled wife.

Finally the baby of the bunch grows up. Cyrus rolled into pleasure but I guess I didn't capture the moment. He rolled into romance for a secondary aspiration so maybe it won't be so bad.

Unfortunately Cyrus is his mothers son. He has no nice points and loves to fight with townies. He'll have a bad reputation before it's all over. He didn't have time as a teen because he didn't stay a teen long. I was waiting on him to age up and after he did I sent all four boys off to college. They will be worked through with the legacy kids. I'm currently thinking that I will continue the ISBI household with Christof as the heir and at least one brother (currently thinking Cyrus) living with him. Not sure about the other brothers. I think I'll just send them all to college, only control Christof and just see where things go from there. As for scholarships, the twins got one on grades, three of the four had dancing scholarships and I think all four had a scholarships for creativity.

Right before their sons were shipped off to college, Blue and Maggie had their birthdays. They look good in their old age. Now they just have to wait for the day when at least one of their sons comes back from college. Notice I didn't say graduate. There are no guarantees of graduation with this bunch. I've never had a simmy get kicked out of college. MAWAHAHAHA!

At the home of the famously evil witch Burgundy Shade:

Well Burgundy got tired of trying to pay off her debt shrubs so she moved in her three bolt vampire boyfriend and is now debt free.

Count Lane Gabriels took Burgundy as his bride making her name now Countess Burgundy Gabriels. Burgundy then got a wild hair and turned her vamp into a warlock.

Now the two happily study all day in their thrones of darkness. I really need to get someone in this neighborhood to learn flower crafting so that they can stay up all day doing something other than sitting on their butts. Also the Count's LTW is 50 1st dates so I've either got to get him dating strangers OR I've got to find some other way to get him aspiration points. I can't have a worrying count. It will just add to the bite count.

Due to three bolts and ACR, our vampire family now totals three. Burgundy gave birth to a son, Calhoun Gabriels. He has black hair and brown eyes. I wanted to see him as a toddler but I was just to tired the night I was doing this so he still remains a baby. I also really need to remember to fiddle with the ACR settings in the household to hopefully keep my vampire family from growing to quickly.

Well that's our update for today. And what about Black you ask?

Yeah. What about me?

Stay tuned for next week when you find out what craziness I got into which involves our beloved Black.


Jenni said...

Cute baby! Can't wait!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

That is an adorable baby! Those dark eyes, and those eyebrows! I hate pleasure sims too, so hard to keep happy! Maybe his romance side will really kick in at college! :)

Anonymous said...

Sadder than a worrying werewolf alien? Yes, one whose teeth are going through her chin! I thought that only happened with the babies.

ruby said...

that was fun .. i enjoy quick stops in the side homes
yay for vampires!!!
Black! Yay for Black! I loves him, I do! He is always so much fun