Saturday, May 07, 2011

Round 2 - Valentine

The Valentine Family:

Kora Valentine
Pleasure / Family
LTW:  50 dream dates
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Business Owner

Levi Johnson Valentine
Pleasure / Popularity
LTW:  50 1st dates
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Career (Police)

Love Valentine (infant)

Levi takes care of baby Love.  She is a hungry smelly little thing right now.

So, you got time for a dream date or two?
You did it girl, not me.  No one told you to try for baby but if you want a house full of kids then go forth an procreate.

Levi sells the gift from his dream date with someone other than his wife last season. 

Darn I'm getting big.
Back to the dream date.

Time out for Love's birthday party.

Love Valentine
Personality:  6-2-8-10-6
Kora begins teaching Love to walk while Levi is at work.

Levi makes sure his girls are all tucked in before heading off for the night.

Levi tries to catch a couple of first dates at the thrift store.  Who knew last weeks girl was so into bargains?

Levi managed to get a couple of half way decent dates in.
If you're into it, I can bring my handcuffs along.
Love amuses herself by playing with fireflies.  The toddlers have a lot more freedom in the poverty section.  I'm seeing things that are rare to see in a prosperity house.

Wait. Levi and I have never had less than a dream date.
Another Promotion.
Love isn't out of diapers and already being stalked by teenage boys.

Even more promotions.
Aren't I just cute?
People.  Over here please.

It's a girl.

And another girl.

Twins.  I just can't believe it.
Me either.  What's with all the natural twins?  Levi and Kora named their twin daughters Faith and Hope.

No really.  You have to be careful or the aliens will get you.
Levi thinks his neighbor must be a drunkard.

Kora starts her first business, a Dollar Store.  I was really proud how this business turned out.  

Kora meets her requirements to move out of the poverty section.

Another dream date?

Another baby?

I am incredibly potent.
Things around here are getting crazy.
Love grows up into a beautiful child.

Twin birthdays.

Faith Valentine
Personality:   4-7-8-6-9

Hope Valentine
Personality:  6-7-8-0-5

The custom hair may have been a mistake.  It's going to make it really hard to tell them all apart.

I believe.
Oh Levi.  Who told you to go stargaze?  It wasn't me.  House is freaking running forth over.

Dad's home.
Why don't they have stealth engines?

OW!  That hurt.
GET OUT of the tub Love.  We only have full bath and you can't be playing around in there.

Off to school.  Yeah that sounds good.  Off you go.

Despite the madness, the Valentine's are a happy loving growing family.

And growing.  And growing.  And.....

... and moving out of the poverty level.  YEAH!  My first working class family.  Now I just have to build them a house.  To bad it can only have three bedrooms.  I'll have to make them really BIG bedrooms.

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ASimWen said...

"I am incredibly potent." LOLOL!!! Yeah, BIG bedrooms will be needed!