Friday, May 06, 2011

Round 1 - Ford

 Missy Ford
Knowledge / Romance
LTW:  Top Adventure Field
Personality:  6-6-3-5-5
Motivation:  Underachiever
Income Track:  Career

Tucker Ford
Personality:  5-5-4-6-5

Rena Ford
Knowledge / Popularity
LTW:  Top Oceanography
Personality:  3-4-8-5-5
Motivation:  Overachiever

Cindy Ford
Personality:  6-5-2-6-6

Rena Ford wanted the best for her siblings.  She wanted better for them than what she got growing up.  When her mother told her they were moving to Valentine Bay, Rena hoped it would be a fresh start for the entire family.  If only her mother doesn't go and blow it like always.

Missy Ford hasn't always done the smartest things in life.  This is why she has three children, whose fathers are a mystery even to her, and has never once married.  Coming to Valentine Bay was meant to be a fresh start.  Here she could be someone else.  No one had to know she was the former trailer park prostitute from Backwoods USA.

She swore things would be different here, until the first man walked by her front door.  She knew immediately that she wanted him and she wanted him NOW!

It's ok Cindy.  I'll take care of you.
And just like that, the twins were forgotten.  Good thing Rena was there for them.

Cause Missy had other things on her mind. 

Rena worried that she wouldn't be able to care for the twins on her own. 

Yeah, I've got cash.

I knew I liked you.

Oh no.  She's at it again.
Here Tucker.  Here's your bottle.
When Rena was at school, the twins were left to roam the house on their own.

Are you serious?  You're actually going to marry this one?

I love you Jim.  I am so happy to be your wife.

Jim Johnson Ford
Family / Fortune
LTW:  Golden Anniversary
Personality:  7-7-6-0-5
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Business Owner

You have kids?
On her wedding night, the twins Cindy and Tucker became children.  There was no party or cake.  Rena hadn't had the time or energy to plan anything.

Do I have to run a business?

All right.  I guess I can do this.
So far so good.

That dresser would fit nicely beside my coffin.

Is it junk or antique?

I think I'm getting the hang of this.
Jim purchased the local thrift store.  He made it into a fairly successful business.  Almost as successful as he is allowed to make it.  I use the sims motivation to determine what they can do in their business.  An underachiever just sits at the cash register and restocks from time to time.  An average sim works the cash register, restocks and helps only those customers that ask for help.  An overachiever goes out there and actually sells his stuff to the masses.  Since customers like to be sold to, this helps keep the underachievers business low ranking and the overachievers business a top level business.  At least it's working so far.  I'm still learning as I go.

It's not so bad having a step dad.
Rena got to know Jim and learned that he was much more responsible than her mom.  He even paid attention to the kids and helped clean the house.  Oh, and he could cook.  Amazing.

When he wasn't working at the thrift store, Jim made extra money looking for undiscovered stars.  It is a big past time in the poverty section.

Ugh.  Not this.
Soon, Missy realized she was pregnant.  Jim was a lot more thrilled than she was.

Eww.  HOT!
Rena ran down to the corner store for eggs and met a very attractive green boy. 

Jim helped Rena learn to study.  He couldn't believe that Missy had never taught her before now.

Yeah, I just married Kora and moved in next door.
The Ford household was always full.  The family was large but they always had friends and just acquaintances stopping by to visit.

The twins became happy and well adjusted with Jim and Rena taking care of all their needs.

Rena took a part time job after school since she now had Jim to help with the kids.

Jim splurged and bought a second telescope for the kids.  Rena and her friends spent time looking for new stars.

Rena was quite happy now that her mom had moved her to Valentine Bay.  Hopefully things will continue to go well for this family.

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