Saturday, May 07, 2011

Round 2 - Filsher

The Filsher Family:

Maxi Filsher
Knowledge / Romance
LTW:  Max All Skills
Motivation:  Overachiever
Income Track - Career

Kathleen Bradford Filsher
Popularity / Knowledge
LTW:  20 best friends
Motivation:  Overachiever
Income Track - Career

A very pregnant Maxi spends her time studying.

 But sometimes she heads off to work.  She had just gotten home from work with a promotion when the first labor pains started.
Where is Kathleen when I need her?


A daughter.  I'll name you Nyxie.

Oh Maxi you're home from work.  And you've had the baby. Imagine that.
I think I'll get another promotion soon.  I can just feel it.
Ah sweet Nyxie.  I can't believe I'm a mother at my age.
Double double oil and trouble.  Wait.  That's not right.

Kathleen creates a mystical helper to keep the house clean.  She looks like a she but she sounds like a he.  It's an it I guess.

Well sometimes I just need to get away from all those other Saturdays.  You know what I mean.

Yes.  I've got another one growing away in there.
Happy Birthday to you.

Nyxie Filsher
Personality:  5-1-9-5-5

Life is good.
Nyxie dreams of flying away in a space ship. 

If only I could be half that flexible at her age.  If only I could be half that flexible now.

Maxi sneaks off to work to get a raise.

Baby Time!

Why do I go into labor when I get home from work?  Why do I go to work in my underwear?

Another daughter.  I'll name her Nexia.
I was really happy to get a no nosed baby.  I think they are sooo cute.  Both members of the Filsher family have met the requirements to go up to the next level.  Only problem is that they don't have enough net worth.  I'm going to have to think of a way for them to make 20k.  Maybe they'll get a nice chance card or something.

Thus ends round two.  Forgot to get a snap at the score card.  With one family moving out of poverty, another must move in.  Next round we will meet the Masters family consisting of two parents and two teenagers.

Just one more house and I'm caught up with my blogging.  Then I get to play some more.  YEAH!

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