Friday, May 06, 2011

Round 1 - Saturday

Morganna Saturday
Fortune / Romance
LTW: Own 5 Top Businesses
Personality:  5-5-5-5-5
Motivation:  Underachiever
Income Path:  Career

Glorianna Saturday
Popularity / Fortune
LTW:  Top Journalism
Personality:  4-3-9-5-4
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Business Owner

Tyler Saturday
Personality: 5-10-4-1-5

Morgan, Glori & their son Tyler moved  to Valentine Bay in search of a better life.  Well Glorianna did.  Morganna could have cared less.  She was a don't rock the boat kind of gal.

Tyler is a somewhat solitary child.  He keeps himself busy and out of the way.  He is a wonderful child to be around.

It's a job.  I'll take it.
Morganna quickly finds a job as a criminal.  Seems like an easy enough way to support the family.

Yes.  I stay at home with Tyler now but someday I hope to open my own business.
Glorianna loves to make friends.  To entertain her guest she often lets them play count the spots. 

Glorianna loves to help Tyler with his homework.  She has begun to long for another child.  She's trying but so far with no success.

Damn it I was trying to get Glori pregnant.
Whoopsy.  Must have tried for baby with the wrong spouse.

Back to the drawing board.
Morganna spent her maternity leave getting to know Tyler better.  Truth be told, Glori has all the motherly instincts in the family.  Morganna would rather be at work knocking over a liquor store.

Am I done yet?  Gads.  Let's not make this mistake again.
Glori set fire to the kitchen.  Since the poverty households don't have a fire alarm, Glori wound up putting the fire out for herself.

Morganna has had enough.  She goes into work even though she is the size of a blimp.  She is rewarded with a promotion.

Needing to gain creativity for the job, Morgan invests in a sync system.  Tyler falls madly in love with the thing.  Apparently he has a passion for music.

Tyler:  Mommy, when is the baby going to get here?  Morganna:  I don't know but it can't be soon enough that's for sure. 
A new friend gives Morganna a flat screen tv.  Since they are poverty class I wasn't sure what to do with it.  Later I decided that gifts should fit under the "selling of furniture" clause thus as a poverty class citizen the family can sell one furniture item per week.  I didn't decide this in time for them to sell it in round one but the family will sell the big screen tv in round two.

I don't like this.  I don't like it at all.

I wonder if Glori would let me call her spot?
Well Glorianna didn't go for that idea.  They named their baby girl Wendy.

Did you see last night's episode of Cops?  I swear they should all be taken out an shot for treating those poor drunks so badly.
Glorianna heads to the corner market to get some milk and bread.  She meets up with some neighbors their.  All the families seem to have to make a grocery run at least once a season.  It's good for them to get out though.

Although the poverty section of town down not currently have a playground, the corner store does have two swings and a merry-go-round.

Come on darn it, work right.
Back home, Morganna tries to fix the broken sync system for Taylor.

Maybe I should let Glorianna look at the thing.
Wendy's Birthday.
Wendy Saturday
Personality:  7-10-2-3-10

I have to say that Wendy's hair bugged me.  Eventually I looked and found out that Wendy is a natural red head.  She has a custom hair of some kind that has a really funky toddler/child look.  I have vowed to wait until she is a teenager to change it but it is really driving me batty.  That messy look it the one hair style I NEVER use. 

Morganna manages to get another raise without to much effort.  Now she's a bookie.

Glori managed to teach Wendy to talk.  That may have been the only skill she learned.  I can't remember.

 Glorianna gives birth to a daughter.  They named her Sunny.  The freckles seem to be prominent in this family. 

These will be the only two pregnancies I force on these two.  Any further children will be a result of ACR or risky woohoo.

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