Saturday, May 07, 2011

Round 3 - Forrester

The Forrester Family:

Leo Forrester
Family / Pleasure
LTW:  6 grandkids
Motivation:  Overachiever
Income Track:  Business Owner

Tracy Forrester
Popularity / Grilled Cheese
LTW:   Captain Hero
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Career (Police)

Angela Forrester
Knowledge / Pleasure
LTW:  Max All Skills
Motivation:  Underachiever

Bianca Forrester (child)

Leo heard a rumor that there were some new poverty level businesses available.  He got on the phone and quickly snatched one up. 

 Leo purchased a small bar.  Now the poverty class has some place to spend their hard earned cash.

Leo met some interesting people at the bar.  When it was slow, Leo would play chess with the customers out back.
In no time at all Leo had a nice little business built up.  He has fulfilled his requirements to move up to the working class.

Tracy goes into labor and successfully gives birth to a daughter.  They named her Charlotte.  (I'm praying she won't get knocked up again.  If she does just know that I had nothing to do with it.)

Damn you for becoming a father again.  You have no right to reproduce.
Leo becomes enemies with Jerald Matthews.  I have a feeling these two must have gotten into it at someone elses house.  If so I wasn't paying a bit of attention.

The family buys a ballet bar and Bianca just loves it.  She had asked her dad for it and was thrilled when he had it installed.

Angela is still "dating" what's his name.  Yeah I haven't bothered to learn it yet.  I need to since these two will probably wind up together someday soon.

Bianca is best friends with Billy Gaither.  Wouldn't they make a cute couple.

Yeah.  Yeah.  {What they hell is she talking about?}
OMG, those Gaithers.  They just aren't right.
This puts Tracy at level 7 in her career more than surpassing her needs to go up to the working class.

They grow up so fast.

Charlotte Forrester
Personality:  10-1-10-1-10
(Can you say future cleaning ghost?)

That is a long way off of course and completely the wrong thing to say about such a lovely toddler.  But it was the first thought to cross my mind.

Bianca and Charlotte get to know each other at the activity table.

Mom's a studying and dad's a snoozing.

So they totally missed Angela growing into adulthood. 

Angela Forrester
Knowledge / Pleasure
LTW:  Max All Skills
Motivation:  Underachiever
Income Track:  Business Owner

The next morning Angela moves out of her parents house and goes off to live in the sim bin.  She has her cell phone so she can keep in touch.

Tracy starts craving grilled cheese again.   If Leo doesn't stop knocking her up I'm going to have to do something drastic.

And finally, Bianca becomes a teen.

Bianca Forrester
Pleasure / Fortune
LTW:  Hall of Famer
Motivation:  Overachiever

Having completed all requirements, the Forrester family moves out of their poverty level home and moves into the second working class house.  With the opening up of a new poverty house, Angela Forrester moves out of the sim bin and into her parents old house.

After reading about it in another simmers blog, I tracked down the bush that keeps furniture in place when sims move out.  I will be using it in this neighborhood.  I mainly wanted to keep the kitchen and bathrooms in place.  In some cases though the family may leave couches and other items that they just don't think will fit into their new lifestyle.  

I have now officially caught up my blogging of this challenge.  Now I can sim.  Yeah.  I hope to start working on the Project Eden prosperity in the near future.  I played one sim house but have made myself stop since I'm a round or so behind on blogging. 

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