Friday, May 06, 2011

Round 2 - Forrester

The Forrester Family is:

Family / Pleasure
LTW:  6 grandkids
Motivation: Overachiever
Income Track:  Business Owner

Popularity / Grilled Cheese
LTW:  Captain Hero
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Career

Knowledge / Pleasure
LTW:  Max All Skills
Motivation: Underachiever


Leo:  Are you sure you're ready to try again?  Tracy:  YES!
Angela didn't want to make any babies but she sure has found someone she likes to fool around with.  Obviously, he likes her too.

Leo is working on those toddler skills.  Unlike most of the neighborhood kids, he wants his kids to learn all their skills if possible.

It's a quiet day in the neighborhood.  At this point I start thinking that this looks more like a working class neighborhood than a poverty class neighborhood.  To bad I'm to lazy to change anything.

Bianca learns to talk.  YEAH BIANCA!!!  She's just so cute.

Leo greets his pregnant neighbor Duane Gaither.

Oh no.  Not again.  Poor Tracy.  If this doesn't make you want to exit without saving nothing will.

After finding out about Tracy's second miscarriage, Duane stays and helps take care of little Bianca so Leo can take care of Tracy.  I don't know if this is just to sweet or just a little creepy.  Maybe a little of both.

At this point I downloaded a mod to change the camera angle so that you could see the edge of neighborhoods.  I had downloaded a custom neighborhood and needed it for that.  I'm still getting use to taking photos with it.  I like it but I find taking pictures more annoying.

Bianca learns about the birds and the bees at a very early age.

I wish this place had a better selection.

Happy Birthday to me.
Bianca grows up largely unnoticed.  Whoops.  My bad.

The girls get to know each other better by playing red hands.

Bianca is such a sweet quiet child. 

Tracy starts craving grilled cheese.  Could shes be pregnant again?

Leo hopes so.  Tracy is wearing him out.  He'll die a happy man though.



Fingers crossed this pregnancy sticks. 

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ASimWen said...

Let's hope her pregnancy makes it to the end this time!