Saturday, May 07, 2011

Round 2 - Ford

The Ford Family:

Missy Ford
Knowledge / Romance
LTW: Top Adventure Field
Motivation:  Underachiever
Income Track:  Career

Jim Johnson Ford
Family / Fortune
LTW:  Golden Anniversary
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Business Owner

Rena Ford
Knowledge / Popularity
LTW:  Top Oceanography Field
Motivation:  Overachiever

Cindy Ford (Child)

Tucker Ford (Child)


That one is definitely undiscovered.  Send me my $500 please.
Since I've done my part to get us out of poverty, do you think you could maybe get a job?
There.  Happy?
Darn thing always clogged.  They use to much toilet paper, that's what it is.
Of course.  It couldn't be you barfing in it all the time.

Rena continues her criminal career.  Hopefully her mom won't catch her.

Baby time.

It's a girl.

We have a daughter.  Let's name her Ruby.
Wait.  I'm starting to sweat.
Missy started jump roping on her own so I just left her to it.

You know safes aren't really that hard to crack with the right tools.
Maybe you should have cleaned up the dinner plates before serving breakfast.  Just a thought.  But at least you are sitting down at a table and eating together.  That is impressive.

I really love this woman.
Oh my sweet little Ruby.  Such a good girl.
And the breakfast dishes still haven't been done.  This family has issues with washing dishes I guess.  I'd settle for them just tossing them in the trash at this point.

Missy gets a promotion.  Jim gets an abduction.

No.  Please.  I don't want to go.

I can't believe they did that to me.
Jim, are you all right?
Oh Missy it's nothing to worry about.  Men have babies all the time these days.
Can't this wait until I finish my meal?
Nope.  Sorry.  It's BIRTHDAY TIME.  These things can't wait.

I love my graphics card.

And we're back.

Ruby Ford
Personality:  7-1-9-0-10
This cake is good.
We're eating...
I just can't get enough.
Still eating.
Yumm.  Blocks taste almost as good as crayons.
Ruby learns a skill.  That is just so rare these days.  I miss my smart milk.

Kaching.  Something to sell.  Oh boy.

Birthday time.  No party for the twins though.

Tucker Ford
Pleasure / Popularity
LTW:  Prof Party Guest
Motivation:  Underachiever

Cindy Ford
Romance / Family
LTW:  Rock God
Motivation:  Underachiever

The next generation of underachievers are here.

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ASimWen said...

Wow, it seems like the rash of miscarraiges is over, and there is a population explosion going on!