Monday, April 25, 2011

VB - Round 1 - Gaither

Mary Gaither
Family / Pleasure
LTW:  Golden Anniversary
Personality:  4-3-9-5-4
Motivation:  Underachiever
Income Track:  Business Owner

Welcome to Valentine Bay Mary.  Time to meet some of the neighbors.

Look.  I'm double jointed. 

What a hunk.

Mary REALLY likes him.

What sexy eyes you have.
Duane, now that we've done the deed...I just know that you are the one.  Will you marry me?
I knew they would hit it off.  Didn't I tell you they were perfect together.
Oh Mary.  Where have you been all my life?
Yes, our Mary works fast.

Duane Goodwin Gaither
Knowledge / ???
LTW:  Oceanography
Personality:  2-3-9-7-4
 Motivation:  Overachiever
Income Track:  Career

Now that we're married, let's really break this bed in.

Hey neighbor.
Duane meets his neighbor Maxi Filsher.

Humm.  How do I tell if it's an undiscovered star?

 Duane starts bringing in some cash.

Ow.  I don't feel so good.
And just in time.
 Lightning struck the telescope.  The rain eventually put out the fire but not before Duane got mighty toasty.

Starving.  Needs all in red.
 I know.  I'm sorry.  It isn't my fault (exactly). the kitchen.

Oh no.  This can't be happening.

It was jut a bad dream.  I wasn't really set on fire.  Just a bad dream.
Whatever helps you get through the night.

I'm preggers?  How did that happen?
Duane!  What did you do last night?

For some reason pregnancy is really hard on Mary.  Luckily grilled cheese makes a comfy pillow.

The toilet is clogged Duane.   I'm hungry Duane.  Will you rub my feet Duane.  I can't wait until she falls asleep

Finally some peace and....what the?

Whoops.  Duane takes a ride into space.  He isn't having much luck with that telescope.

Oh Duane.  I hope he's ok.

That was one wild ride.

WOO!  I finally found a job.  Things are looking up.
Babies Duane.  We have to prepare for the babies.  Yours and mine.  Duane have you never heard of Strangeville?
I can't see my feet but for once they aren't hurting.  Wonder if they're still there.
She was right.  Holy Cow!  I'm having a baby.
Off to work.  We definitely need the money now.

It's a boy.  Let's name him Danny.
Duane, hold Danny for a minute. 

So I can give birth to his sister.

Inez.  Let's name her Inez Gaither.

Twins.  I wasn't expecting twins.  That means when I give birth we'll have.... lots of babies in the house.

Don't worry Duane.  Between the two of us, we can handle anything.  We'll love them all no matter how many babies we have.
What a season.  Lot's of stuff happening that I hadn't planned on.  BTW, the twins were natural.  I haven't checked ahead of time but I'm hoping Duane only has one.  Fingers crossed.


peachy123uk said...

Good start. Hope to read some more soon

ASimWen said...

ha! Multiples make it exciting!!!!