Friday, May 06, 2011

Round 1 - Filsher

 Maxi Filsher
Knowledge / Romance
LTW:  Max 7 Skills
Personality:  5-5-5-5-5
Motivation:  Overachiever
Income Track:  Career

No jobs.  Damn it.  I am so NOT a poverty gal.
Maxi spent day one in Valentine Bay meeting the neighbors and planning to get herself out of the poverty section.  She was meant for bigger and better things or so she believes.

Well, that will have to do.
I need a diversion.  You don't mind being a diversion do you?
Hey neighbor.
Maxi makes friends.  She needs friends to move up in her career and get the heck out of dodge.

No can do.  I've got plans for tonight.
Maxi heads to the thrift store to find a new chair and meet more of the locals.

How do you do?
 That is where she meets the good witch Kathleen Bradford.

 And asks her out on a date. 

And this is all on her.  It wasn't my idea at all.

MAXI:  Of course not.  It's just part of my master plan.  Sometimes you must sacrifice to achieve your goals.

 Maxi heads home and has a good nutritious meal.

 Maxi invites Kathleen over and tells her about the pregnancy.  Kathleen quickly moves in to help take care of Maxi.
Kathleen Bradford Filsher
Popularity / Knowledge
LTW:  20 best friends
Personality:  5-5-5-5-10
Motivation:  Overachiever
Income Track:  Career

Marry me Maxi.

Of course.

Mrs & Mrs Filsher.
Fighting crime.  That's the career for me.

Kathleen immediately settles in and makes herself a throne.  Every good witch needs one.

Seeing what a hard time Maxi is having with the pregnancy, Kathleen leads her to the path of light.

Which is exactly where Maxi wanted to be.  Her plans are on track.  She is sure she'll make it to the working class soon.

Thus ends round one.  There are many rules to learn and it's hard to remember everyone's motivation but so far so good. 

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ASimWen said...

so was this ACR that kicked in with these two? Saved you from finding a mate for Maxi!