Monday, April 25, 2011

Class Matter in Valentine Bay

I was reading another simmers blog about this challenge, so of course I wanted to try it.  I remembered reading the rules before and thinking "this is just to complicated".  Well now I'm thinking "that isn't so hard.  It could even be fun."  So I have started yet another thing without finishing everything that has come before it.  I should be ashamed but I'm not.  Sorry.

So I was trying to build this neighborhood and my little dog would not stay out of my lap.  She is in my lap as I type this by the way.  So this neighborhood was named after her.  Welcome to Valentine Bay.

Valentine Bay
As you can see, there isn't much in Valentine Bay right now.  We begin with six poverty level houses.  I also built three poverty level businesses.  I'm not a builder.  I get bored and annoyed trying to build. But eventually I will get back in there and build a working class section.  And one of these days maybe even a middle class and upper class section too.

So we begin with six families. 

The Forrester Family

The Gaither Family.

The Saturday Family

The Valentine Family

The Ford Family 

The Filsher Family
You may have noticed a lack of males.  Well the dice just wasn't going that way I guess.  So we will now begin our journey of building a class oriented society in Valentine Bay.

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SirenPrincess said...

This looks like a really interesting challenge. The rules do seem very complicated and long, but it will be interesting to see you play it!