Monday, April 25, 2011

VB - Round 1 - Forrester

1 Poverty Lane
Poverty Floor Plans

 All of the poverty houses are exactly the same except in different colors.  Bushes were added to the front if needed to get the house value as close as possible to 10k. Since all poverty families start with 20k (yes I took those extra funds away) they have 10k left to start their lives.

Now let's meet the Forrester Family.

Leo Forrester
Family / Pleasure
LTW:  6 Grandkids
Personality: 5-10-4-1-5
Motivation: Overachiever
Income Track:  Business

Tracy Forrester
Popularity / Grilled Cheese
LTW:  Captain Hero
Personality:  4-3-9-5-4
Motivation:  Average
Income Track:  Career

Angela Forrester
Knowledge / Pleasure
LTW:  Max All Skills
Personality:  5-7-8-0-5
Motivation:  Underachiever

LOOK!  Instant home.
Angela immediately heads for the tv.  I force her to watch the yummy channel.  She may be an underachiever but she is an underachiever in a house without a fire alarm.  She needs some cooking points.

Mom and Dad check out the bedroom.  Ummm.  Bed is nice and comfy.

Later that day some neighbors stop in to say hello... and eat a batch of yummy soup.

I struggled at first trying to figure out how to make money.  Leo can't work a job.  He doesn't have money to buy a business yet.  Tracy can't seem to find a job.  We need some income right.  So Leo thought maybe he could earn a little cash making pottery. didn't work out that well.  Time to come up with something else.

And fast.  We will soon have another mouth to feed.

Leo makes Angela do her homework.

She had other things she's rather be doing.

Tracy finds a job.  YEAH!  Income.

More Income.

Leo finally found a way to bring in some cash.  He invested $500 on a telescope and made $1,000 the first night finding unknown stars.

Leo and Tracy discuss the cost of baby furniture.  Angela is lost in her own little world.  She is remembering what else she lost just last night.  And in her parents bed no less.  Shameful.

Tracy gives birth to a daughter Bianca.

Then heads right back to work.

Angela befriends the girl down the street, Rena Ford.


Bianca Forrester
Generation Two
Personality:  4-4-9-6-6

 As an overachiever, Dad is in charge of the toddler training.  He is hoping to get her all skilled up this fall.

Oh no. 

I hate it when that happens.

Tracy is devastated after her miscarriage.  I feel really bad for her.  It's just so sad.  And to leave the family on that note.  Terrible.  Hopeful things will turn around the fall.

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